About Us

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So you may be wondering about us at The Evolista… 

Hi! I’m Jenifer, the main voice behind The Evolista. I’m a native Californian that lives near the beach in Los Angeles. I love the beautiful sunny weather. You know those people who say they couldn’t live in LA because they love all 4 seasons – well that’s not me!

I started blogging in 2017 because I wanted to resume my career and the goal was to find a job that could travel with me. Now, traveling has literally become my job, which is the best thing ever. I have a severe case of wanderlust. I’m constantly dreaming about the next place I want to explore.

Jen’s Craziest Travel Experience:

Getting bitten by a panda in China. No it wasn’t a Giant Panda, but a red panda. I had no idea they had access to the humans when one suddenly ran up from behind, grabbed my leg, bit me and ran off. Then began all the excitement of health care in China. Every person who has ever heard about it instantly laughs. Seriously who gets bitten by a panda!!

Croatia Island Hopping Pakleni Islands

The Other Half

The reason I say About Us is that my hubby, Guy is literally the other half of The Evolista. He started his blogging/YouTube career as an Instahubby. While all the other guys were giving their wives a hard time, he mastered photography and drone flying. Then we hit the road together as full time travelers after he lost his job in the pandemic.

Guy grew up traveling the world with a dad in the oil business. By the age of 10 he had already lived in 4 countries – Brazil, Canada, Singapore and United States. He also used to travel to Mexico to go surfing every chance he got. If it were up to Guy, this would be a surf blog, and we would travel the world in search of the perfect wave.

Guy’s Craziest Travel Experience

My favorite stories from Guy are about the unusual things they were exposed to growing up in Singapore. The best one was the time he and his siblings brought home a Komodo dragon they found and wanted to keep as a pet. Imagine being the parent to those wild kids.

The Rest

Speaking of children, our two amazing boys (actually men) are not as into the “Parents are bloggers” thing but they are generally pretty cool about it. Aside from that we travel with two super cute dogs that seem to get bored when they’re not on the road.

What We’re Up To

Our kind of travel is to see those sights that you’ve seen in pictures that motivated you to get on the plane but we also like to get immersed in local life. Nothing gets us more excited about a location than feeling like part of the gang in a new location.

We also love active pursuits. You’ll find us sand boarding in Morocco, Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey, boating in Croatia, Helicopter kayaking in Alaska, Hiking in Montenegro, rafting on the Yangtze river and more. If we get to go up high, go fast, or do something fun, we’re on it and sharing it with you!

We were well into a Travel Challenge to visit 50 new countries when things turned upside down in the world. While it felt like a huge set back, we took the chance to pivot and become full time travelers. Even though we’ve been to all 50 states, we’re getting the chance to see so much more on a one year road trip around the USA. It’s amazing how much beauty is right here is our own back yard.

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