Turkey Itinerary 7 Days

The Ultimate 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

My Turkey fascination started years ago with my son’s school report on the Hagia Sophia Mosque. Our Turkey trip exceeded every expectation and we’re sharing our 7 Day Turkey Itinerary so you create your own incredible adventure.

Turkey travel has something thrilling for everyone. With 7 days in Turkey, you can experience Cappadocia hot air ballooning, Turkish Riviera beaches, historic biblical sites, iconic Grand Bazaar shopping, and the bustling metropolis of Istanbul.

In this Turkey itinerary, you will find all the practical information from the best time to visit Turkey, safety in Turkey, and exactly what to see and do with one week in Turkey. Get ready for one exciting globetrotting moment after the next!

Planning Your Turkey Trip Itinerary Last Minute?

If you are trying to pull together your Turkey itinerary quickly, here is a quick reference guide to the tours and hotels we recommend, along with practical travel information.

You can get more detailed information on What to Wear in Turkey with a packing list, the Best Istanbul Boutique Hotels and the Best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia.

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7 Days in Turkey Itinerary

7 Day Turkey Itinerary Days 1-3: Istanbul

The first stop on our Turkey itinerary was 3 days in vibrant Istanbul. Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia and is a mesmerizing mix between ancient and modern.

In the city center there are historic mosques and buildings right near hipster cafes and designer shops.

With a population of 15 million, Istanbul is the largest city in Europe. You will likely spend most of your time on the European side but you can take a Bosphorus cruise right down the middle to see both sides.

Even with its enormous size, if you like finding your way around the city, it’s very easy to walk or take an Uber to most of the sightseeing spots. If you prefer having a guide, this Istanbul private city tour comes highly recommended.

Hagia Sophia & Blue Mosque are “Must Sees” on Your 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

To put this “historic” city into perspective, the oldest buildings in Istanbul are more than 600 years older than oldest buildings in Paris.

Our first stop was the Hagia Sophia since I had been captivated years prior by it’s complex religious history. This 6th Century cathedral was transformed into mosque in the 15th century.

You can take a Hagia Sophia Guided Tour to learn more about its fascinating history.


Hagia Sofia

The photo above and indoor shot below are the Hagia Sophia. Below right is the Blue Mosque, the neighbor to the Hagia Sophia, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

In case you’re thinking “a mosque is a mosque.” These two mosques could not be more different from the inside.

The Hagia Sofia (above left) is very dark and dramatic in black and gold while the Blue Mosque is a stunning display of intricate tile work and windows as seen in the photo of the ceiling below. It’s an architectural masterpiece.

Blue Mosque

Topkapi Palace

In this same area, you can check out Topkapi Palace, a former royal residence that is now a museum. This UNESCO Heritage site is the oldest surviving palace in the world. Make sure to check out the harem rooms.

Skip the line with a Topkapi Palace guided tour to learn about the history of the Ottoman Era.

Grand Bazaar & Spice Bazaar

Still in the old city, we headed to the Grand Bazaar and found this cute, colorful street. You can grab a quick bite to eat before you delve into the biggest shopping area you’ve ever seen.

The Spice Bazaar was my favorite. It conjures up images of traders traveling the Silk Road to bring precious and exotic spices to market.

The Grand Bazaar is a great place to pick up souvenirs. Some Turkey souvenir ideas: ceramics • lamps • kilim Rugs • spices • Turkish Delight • Turkish coffee & tea • jewelry • Turkish towels

Add a Bosphorus Cruise to Your Turkey Itinerary to See the Best of Istanbul

You can take a Bosphorus Cruise through the middle of 2 continents, Europe and Asia.

We hopped on from the area called Ortaköy. For $5 it’s a delightful, hour long cruise that gives a completely different view of Istanbul.

You will see Ciragan Palace, the beautiful church at Ortaköy, amazing waterfront estates, city scapes with famous mosques, bridges and palaces. Plus, it’s such a lovely experience being out on the water.

There are a few Bosphorus cruises you might like to take that are a bit more expensive but very affordable.

The first is a sunset cruise on a luxury yacht. This is what we would have done if we had planned ahead.

Many people opt for an evening Bosphorus cruise with dinner and entertainment. It’s actually one of the most popular activities in Istanbul.

It’s such a romantic view of Istanbul lit up at night and they offer an unlimited drinks package too.

Out of 7 days, cruising the Bosphorus Strait was one of our favorite activities on the Istanbul part of our Turkey itinerary.

Galata Tower and Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge connects two major parts of the European side of Istanbul over the waterway known as the Golden Horn.

There have been 5 iterations of this bridge dating back to the 6th century. If you walk across the bridge, you get a great view of both sides.

Galata Tower, which was built in 500 A.D. as watchtower to help defend the city stands taller than everything else.

Get a 360 degree view of Istanbul from the upper viewing deck and check out the museum with artifacts from all periods of Istanbul’s storied past.

Istiklal Caddesi

Local Life & Night Life – Istiklal Caddesi, Karaköy, Besiktas & Nisantasi

We love to ditch the travel guide and walk between tourist spots to see what cool local hangouts we can find. This is where Istanbul shines.

The restaurant culture and plethora of awesome places to go is outstanding. Istanbul is full of trendy cafes and bars. We spent time in each of the areas below.

You might also want to make time for this Whirling Dervish show that visitors LOVE!

  • Istiklal Caddesi – On Sundays, the Grand Bazaar is closed so it’s the perfect day to check out this lively pedestrian shopping area by Taksim square with tons of restaurants and stores. We had the yummiest healthy lunch at EK BİÇ YE İÇ. For lunch or dinner with a view, check out 360 Istanbul.
  • Nisantasi – The posh area with designer stores. A fun place to people watch, shop and grab lunch. Check out the rooftop bar at Swisshotel for a killer sunset over the Bosphoros.
  • Besiktas – We accidentally ended up finding this super cool area on our way way from Ortakoy. Definitely a great place to go out for dinner and drinks. It was packed and so much fun at this bustling part of town. There are a zillion choices of restaurants and bars here.
  • Karakoy – A revitalized neighborhood, total hipster spot where you’ll find great galleries, charming coffeehouses like Karabatak. This area is really close to Galata Tower.

7 Day Turkey Itinerary Days 4-5: Cappadocia

Cappadocia (pron. Cap-uh-dokia) is a region in the middle of Turkey comprised of multiple towns and villages.

We almost didn’t include Cappadocia in our 7 day itinerary because it seemed so inconvenient to everything else in Turkey. That would have been a huge mistake – it was definitely a trip highlight.

You can check out a short video with things to do in Cappadocia on our YouTube channel.

Getting from Istanbul to Cappadocia is easiest by plane. Take a 1 hour flight into Kayseri or Nevsehir airports and then an hour drive to your hotel. If you plan ahead, the flights are inexpensive.

If you are on a tight budget, there is an overnight bus from Istanbul to Gorëme, the main downtown area. The train is inconvenient so – a plane, bus, rental car or a guided tour are your options.

You should plan at least 2 nights here so you have 2 chances to watch or take a hot air balloon flight in case there are weather issues.

Cappadocia has some really interesting and fun things to see. Two to three days will give you plenty of time.


Hot Air Ballooning 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

A Hot Air Balloon Ride is a Highlight of a 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

Cappadocia is world famous for hot air ballooning. The experience was spectacular. There are 2 take off times so you are able to fly and enjoying watching them afterwards.

Tip: Book your flight in advance. We had to scramble at the last minute because we didn’t realize that the 150 balloons a day are regularly full.

After waiting hours, we got word that someone missed their flight to Cappadocia and we got their spot.

The prices vary between $200-400 per person for a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight and champagne toast.

Visiting the Valleys

If you plan to take a hot air balloon flight, you will get a bird’s eye view of the Cappadocia valleys. One of the top things to do in Cappadocia is see all the different valleys from the ground level too.

The landscape is otherworldly and there are interesting caves everywhere. We did a 2 hour sunset ATV tour with some local guides to Love Valley, Red Valley and Rose Valley.

It’s a great place to hike and experience the fascinating landscape. But I’m not going to lie – riding the ATVs was super fun! Our guide took me on the back of his and made it go on 2 wheels.

Plan to get dirty and wear something that can cover your face. We recommend bringing a lightweight neck gaiter that will keep dust out of your mouth or work as a headband for your hair.

Pasabag (Monk’s Valley) above right is a popular spot to visit. You’ll see excellent examples of fairy chimneys and you can walk into the caves where monks lived.


Underground Cities

There are 200 underground cities in Cappadocia. The most famous and largest is Derinkuyu. Going 200 feet underground, it could house 20,000 people including their livestock stables. If you are claustrophobic, skip this.

Kaymakli, an underground city that’s further away, was discovered in 1963 when a local found a room behind a wall in his house.

I’ve had dreams where I find a hallway and think that my house was so much bigger than I thought, but could you imagine finding a whole city!!

Downtown Goreme

Downtown Goreme is a great place to walk around and shop for souvenirs like Turkish rugs, beautiful lamps and more. You’ll also find delicious restaurants.

We ate at Peking Chinese Restaurant and had an unexpected delicious Chinese meal in Turkey.

Work off lunch by taking a 15 minute walk to Goreme Open Air Museum and see churches from the 10th-12th centuries.

Cappadocia Red, Green & Blue Tours Are a Great Way to See the Area

There are 3 main tour routes in Cappadocia. They are full-day, small group tours in a minivan. The hardest part is deciding which tour to take.


The Red Tour stays the closest to Goreme and will take you to Dervent Valley, the Open Air Museum, Uçhisar Castle, Pasabag and more.

The Red Tour covers all the places that are close proximity to Goreme. You can easily do these places on your own and choose a different tour for the places that are harder to get to.


The Green Tour takes you to the underground cities, Selime Monastery, rock carved churches and cave houses among other sights.

The Green Tour goes to places that are much harder to see on your own unless you have a car. The underground cities are the highlight.


Lastly, the Blue Tour is the furthest off the typical tourist track and visits Turkish villages and beautiful landscapes.

For those that want the most authentic Turkish experience, the Blue tour is the best choice. You will see more locals and see what real life is like in Cappadocia.

Staying in a Cave Hotel is Must for your 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

Staying in a cave hotel is a prime attraction in the area.

We stayed at Local Cave House because they had the coolest pool (see above) and we were only staying for a day so we wanted to be walking distance from shopping and restaurants in town.

Here are some Cappadocia cave hotel tips and other great cave hotel choices that are a little more upscale:

  • Sultan Cave Suites is also centrally located and very popular because of the incredible view. They have a beautiful set up for you to get amazing balloon photos at the crack of dawn.
  • Museum Hotel – This is probably the most sought after upscale cave hotel because of the stunning balloon views and beautiful pool.
  • Our Blog Post on the Top 12 Cave Hotels in Cappadocia will help you pick the perfect hotel at your price point.

7 Day Turkey Itinerary Days 6-7: Bodrum & Ephesus

Resort Bodrum 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

Bodrum is known for its luxurious seaside hotels, and the Susona Bodrum LXR Hotels & Resorts (former Nikki Beach hotel) is a total stand out!

The private pool, turquoise coast villas have “to die for” unobstructed views of Torba Bay. Our first thought, and honestly every thought after was – we want to live here!

Go totally low key and just enjoy the villa or the hotel’s infinity pool. If you have kids, there’s a nice family beach.

Fun Things to Do in Bodrum

  • Spend an afternoon in Bodrum town. The charming harbor has restaurants and souvenir shopping.
  • Take a day cruise from Bodrum harbor on a wooden Gulet boat and spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the coastline and bays.
  • This is a great place to hop over to Greece. You can do a full day trip to the island of Kos. It’s only a 40 minute ferry ride to be in another country. Even though it’s so close, it really feels like Greece and different from Turkey. You can also start your journey to Santorini if you are planning a Turkey and Greece Itinerary.
  • Take a day trip to Ephesus or Pamukkale.

RELATED POST: 3 Days in Santorini Itinerary

Ancient City of Ephesus – 1/2 Day

From Istanbul or Cappadocia, fly into Izmir airport. Ephesus can also be visited as a day trip from Bodrum.

This UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important ancient ruins in Turkey was the 4th largest city in the Roman Empire.

A veritable who’s who of famous figures spent time in Ephesus including Paul the Apostle, Alexander the Great, Anthony and Cleopatra. Pretty mind blowing, right!

The thing that really struck me here with the grand size of everything.

The theater that held 25,000 spectators, the Arcadian Way, a 500 meter marble road lined with 50 streetlights and shops that connected the theater to the sea and the ancient Library of Celsus that housed 12,000-15,000 scrolls shown above.

You should definitely use a tour guide here to learn all of the historical significance. Either find a guide at the gate or book a Small Group Tour of Ephesus with the House of the Virgin Mary Hours: 8am – 5pm (7pm April to October).

Plan your visit to be at the opening or the late afternoon to avoid big tour groups and the heat.

Why We Left Pamukkale Off Our 7 Day Turkey Itinerary

7 days in Turkey is a whirlwind trip for a country with so many things to do, so you have to pick what to include and leave off of your itinerary.

We opted not to go to Pamukkale because it’s a trek to get there and many of the pools that look beautiful in photos were dried up at the time of our visit.

Before you head to Pamukkale, check out Trip Advisor where people post current conditions and photos so you can decide if you want to visit.

How to Get a Turkish Visa

Getting a Turkish Visa was really easy. Just fill out the online application, make the payment and you will get your document emailed to you. At the airport, just show your passport and visa document to enter Turkey.

Electronics in Turkey

Turkey uses a 220V voltage supply that uses a Type F converter. Here is a quick list of what you will need for your electronics in Turkey.

Wondering what to wear in Turkey? We put together a comprehensive Turkey Packing List with everything you need to bring including outfit ideas, the dress code for women and men and things you might be forgetting.

Transportation in Turkey

  • Air travel – the flight system within Turkey is very affordable and there are a surprising amount of flights The 2 main airlines that fly to almost every airport are Turkish Airlines and Pegasus.
  • Rental Car – Many people choose this option because the roads are good. One thing to keep in mind is that you will be looking at some long drives. Cappadocia to Istanbul is 10-12 hours. Cappadocia to Ephesus is 12-14 hours. If you don’t mind and you have time for a 7 to 10 day itinerary, then this would be a great way to see Turkey.
  • Bus – The distances are the same as the car rides but someone else is doing the driving and you can take the bus overnight. If you are looking for the budget option, this is it.
  • Train – The train doesn’t easily go everywhere in Turkey but it does go to some places. It seems too complicated to get around this way.
  • Turkey Tour – Some people opt for a 7 to 14 day Turkey tour so everything is planned out for them. It will definitely involve bus travel.
7 Day Turkey Itinerary Cappadocia

Is Turkey Safe to Travel?

The #1 question we were asked about traveling to Turkey – is it safe? The #2 question – did we feel safe?

All of the areas we visited in 7 days on this Turkey itinerary were safe according to the Travel.State.Gov website. The area of Turkey near the Syrian border is and has been off limits for some time but we were no where near there.

Here are the links to the the current status of Turkey for American citizens and British citizens. My advice for anyone is to look up any country you plan to visit and follow the Government recommendations.

As things can change, it’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance in case you need to change your trip due to some unfortunate change.

SafetyWing is a great travel insurance plan that will cover you for trip cancellation or emergency medical expenses and they have 24 hour assistance when you need help.

Best Time to Visit Turkey

We went to Turkey in May and the weather was perfect! The most comfortable months are April-May and September-October. Visiting during the shoulder season will allow you to avoid crowds and hot temperatures.

  • Istanbul is hot and swarming with tourists in June-August. The shoulder season of April/May and September/October is pleasant weather wise but expect some rain like we had in May. November – March has cooler temps and rain but you’ll be free of the tourist crowds.
  • Cappadocia – You can go year round, but balloon flights can be cancelled due to weather. If you are going during an iffy weather time, stay an extra day to get an extra chance at flying or seeing the balloons fly. Best months are April, May, September and October. June – August is HOT! The winter gets snow. We had perfect weather in May.
  • Bodrum – High season in Bodrum is July and August. If you prefer a more relaxing vacation with great weather, go in May, June, or September. Some hotels shut down during the off season.

Final Thoughts About This Turkey Travel Itinerary

If you’re planning 7 days in Turkey, we hope this itinerary helps you plan your trip and fall in love with this country the way we did. To make a shorter trip, you’ll have to decide between Cappadocia and the Turkish Riviera.

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          The easiest way to get from Cappadocia to Bodrum is to fly. It takes 4 hours with a 1 hour stopover in Istanbul. If you book ahead, it’s very affordable. You can also fly non-stop from Cappadocia to Izmir and Izmir to Bodrum.
          We ended up taking the overnight bus from Cappadocia to Selçuk (Ephesus). It’s 13 hours and approximately $30. It turned out to be the most convenient since it leaves right from Downtown Goreme and most of the travel happens while you are sleeping. The seats are comfortable and if you can handle a little roughing it, it’s approximately $30 and you save one night of hotel costs. From the bus station, you can take a quick taxi to Ephesus. I really recommend going to Ephesus. It’s one of the largest cities from ancient times and referred to in the Bible. Then you can catch the bus to Bodrum which takes around 3 hours for $7.

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