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What to Bring to Cuba: A Complete Cuba Packing List

Cuba is an adventurous trip that feels like you’re going back in time. Lively Havana is filled with old fashioned cars, pastel colored buildings, and brimming with Cuban culture. So what should you bring with you to to Cuba? Below you’ll find the must-haves for your Cuba packing list. I’ve included all the information I wish I had beforehand to make your travels that much easier. It’s time to get all your questions answered about the travel documents you need to bring to Cuba, currency, what to wear, cell phone service and more.

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Weather and Best Time to Visit Cuba

The weather in Cuba is pretty hot all year round with average yearly temperature of approximately 79 degrees Fahrenheit and lots of sunshine. December to May is the best time to visit this beautiful tropical place. This is the dry season and rain is very limited during this period. Cuba’s wet season runs from June to November, so you definitely do not want to plan your travel during this time frame because hurricanes are quite common.

10 Things to Put on Your Cuba Packing List

You Should Bring a Portable Charger to Cuba

Cuba has some infrastructure challenges and the power goes out periodically. I highly recommend keeping everything charged and having a power backup like this portable charger. It will give you at least 2 full charges for your cell phone. You can read more about my trip but we lost power for almost a full day and my cell phone and computer went dead. I’ll never travel without my trusty, lightweight portable charger again and I also won’t let my electronics sit uncharged.

Cuba is mostly on 110 volts so Americans and Canadians won’t need an adapter. Hotels that cater to Europeans will typically have 220 outlets.

A Filtered Water Bottle is a Cuba Packing List Must-Have

Cuban water is definitely not safe to drink. One of the first things I looked for when I landed was bottled water. There’s a small take out restaurant on the outside of the airport where you can buy it. Make sure you have your Cuban currency with you.

Regardless, having a filtered water bottle on your Cuba packing list will give you peace of mind that you’ll always have safe water to drink. Plus, you’ll be making the better choice for the planet. These bottles are so good, you could drink from a dirty puddle in the street if you had no other options.

The Lifestraw Go water bottle is probably the best water bottle to buy. It has a 2 stage filtering process, which removes 99.99% of all the bacteria and harmful materials that you could be drinking. It is not only important to stay hydrated, but you want to make sure that you do not get sick so that you can enjoy every second of your trip.

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Cuba Outfit

A Zippered RFID Blocking Wallet

A zippered RFID blocking wallet should definitely be on your Cuba packing list because you will most likely be carrying two currencies. Cash is king in Cuba so you’ll have more in your wallet than usual. With coins in the mix, a zipper will protect you from losing any money. An RFID blocking wallet will protect your credit and debit cards as you go through airports getting to Cuba. There’s a high probability you won’t be using debit or credit cards in Cuba but you need to know that everything is safe.

Bring Sanitizing Wipes to Cuba to Keep the Germs Away

Sanitizing wipes are a travel friendly alternative to liquid hand sanitizer. The wipes are useful throughout your trip when you don’t have access to a place to wash your hands. Most people use hand sanitizer during the day but don’t use it for the 2 places they are most likely to pick up an illness.

Airplane: They are the best defense against getting sick on your trip, especially on the plane. If you are unfortunate enough to get on the plane after a sick person has been in the same seat, good luck! Airlines DO NOT clean seats in between passengers and there are oodles of germs all over. Wipe everything down as soon as you get on the plane – tray table, seat belt, window shade, etc…

Hotel: You should use wipes in every hotel room. Trust me, the housekeeping staff is not sanitizing the TV remote or light switches. A 2 minute walk through of your hotel room can protect you from getting sick.

What to Bring to Cuba Sundress

Bring Colorful Sundresses to Cuba

If you’ve never been to Cuba before, you’re probably wondering how to dress. Cuba is known for their bright colored buildings, old fashioned cars and lively energy.  The hot climate and vibrant vibe of this magnificent country make colorful sundresses a must. Anything from cute modern wrap dresses to I Love Lucy midi dresses will help you fit right in with the cool Cuban vibe.

Fabrics such as cotton, linen and rayon make for breathable comfortable clothing in the heated weather. Maxi dresses are great too. There’s a retro sophistication to Cuba that makes floral prints and bright colors look beautiful. Also, lightweight dresses just feel good when it’s hot out.

A Pair of Sunglasses

Like most tropical places, Cuba is filled with lots of sunny days, which means sunglasses and a sun hat are a vital part of your packing list. The sun is very strong in Cuba so a pair of polarized sunglasses will work best to help reduce glare, improve visual clarity, and overall make your eyes more comfortable. But if you’re like me, you might not be able to resist the temptation of a fun pair of pink cat eye sunglasses. Cuba and fun accessories are a perfect match!

Cuba Packing List Sunglasses

On Any Tropical Packing List Including Cuba, Insect Repellant is Important

What you definitely will want to bring to Cuba is insect repellant. The hot climate and tropical atmosphere of Cuba makes it a breeding ground for bugs. No one wants to feel itchy or get any unwanted bite marks. Make sure to pack that bug spray to ensure that mosquitos and other insects stay away so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

You Should Bring a Travel Umbrella to Cuba

I went to Cuba in January during the dry season and there was unseasonable torrential rain. You should plan for rain. There are still 4-5 rainy days per month during the dry season with light precipitation. As long as you bring an umbrella to Cuba, you should be set. Personally I like to get a a travel umbrella in a color that will add interest to photos like red.

Sounds Weird But Snacks Should be on Your Cuba Packing List

Whenever I go to a country with a chance of getting food borne illness, I like having snacks for a safe meal just in case. Thank goodness a friend told me to bring snacks to Cuba. There was a crazy storm right within hours of arriving. Between torrential rain and a long power outage, those snacks became my first few Cuba meals.

Since there aren’t convenience stores like other locations, pack nutrition bars, granola bars, trail mix bags or whatever is your favorite to ensure you have something to eat. It is never a bad idea to have snacks on you especially if you are on the go!

One of the Best Things to Bring to Cuba are Items to Donate

So many vacation spots suffer from over tourism. Cuba is one of those places where your tourism really helps the country. There are a few ways you can make a difference. The first is just by visiting Cuba and spending money there. Try to use local guides. Stay in Casa Particulares. Make choices that make people’s lives better.

The second is bringing items to donate – specifically clothes and hygiene products. Since packing is generally light for a tropical destination, bring gently used clothes and shoes you don’t want anymore. It’s hard for cuban people to buy clothing. Many people can’t afford it. We think nothing of popping into the mall and buying whatever we want. They don’t have the same luxury.

You can also bring hygiene products such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, and even makeup. No matter where you are staying, someone will know how to put your donations to good use. Although it is not expected to bring gifts, it is always extremely well received by the people.

Packing List Suitcase

Luggage Limits and What You’re Allowed to Bring to Cuba

Cuba does have some strict baggage weight limit requirements. All luggage including hand luggage must weigh less than 50 kg or approximately 110 pounds per person. Don’t forget that most airlines tend to have a 50 lb weight limit, but if you happen to be checking two bags be sure that they are under that combined 110 lb weight limit.

This hard-shell spinner luggage set has been all over the world with us. It holds up really well and is lightweight so you can use most of your weight allowance on the things you pack, not your bag. We use these compression packing cubes inside to fit more in our bags and keep everything organized. I would also suggest bringing a larger tote bag that attaches to your carry-on or leaving some room in your suitcase to bring back whatever items you may buy while away.

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Cuba Packing List Men

Medicine to Add to Your Cuba Packing List

I bring medication for everything I don’t want to get when I travel. If I have the medication, I don’t get sick. If I forget the medication, somehow bad things happen. I traveled to Cuba without any protection for food borne illness, and guess what?! These are some good things to have with you.

  • Anti-Diarrheal: If you get a stomach bug, this will get you back to normal much faster.
  • Electrolyte packets: These packets can help you rebound quickly if you get sick or hungover.
  • Emergen-C: We are exposed to so many bugs when traveling, you should take a little extra precaution to boost your immunity.
  • Sanitizing wipes: Sanitizing wipes to protect yourself on the plane and use throughout your trip when you can’t wash your hands.
  • Life Straw: The life straw is a personal water filter and in a country like Cuba this item is a must since their water is not drinkable. If you don’t use it, no big deal but if you need it, you’ll be so thankful to have it.
  • Insect Repellant: Sub-tropical climates bring out the bugs and mosquitos, so be sure to bring insect repellant to Cuba.
  • Sunscreen: The sun is very strong in Cuba and no-one wants to get a bad sunburn while on vacation.
Travel Documents

Documents You Need to Bring to Cuba

There are many important documents you can’t forget for when traveling out of the country. Cuba specifically has special document requirements so be sure that you don’t forget these three items.

  • Passport: You must bring your passport with at least 6 months of validity to enter Cuba.
  • Tourist Card: A Tourist Card, coming from the USA it’s also known as a pink card, is required of every visitor. You can apply for it ahead of time or you can get it at the airport. Your airline will provide you with information about the documentation you need and what type of assistance they offer. My flight from New York, stopped in Fort Lauderdale and there was a Cuban Travel Service kiosk at the Southwest check in that handled the tourist cards.
  • Travel Insurance: Visitors to Cuba are required to have a travel insurance policy. Traveler insurance was included with my Southwest Airlines ticket. Check your airline first to see if they have included travel insurance. You will need to hold onto your boarding pass for access to the insurance.
  • Proof of Return Ticket – You need to have your return ticket with you.
Cuba Currency

Bring Plenty of Cash to Cuba

Currency in Cuba is somewhat confusing. There is one type of currency for Cubans called CUP (Cuban pesos) and another currency for foreigners called CUC (Cuban convertible pesos). Apparently the exchange rate for Euros to CUC is better, so some people change their US Dollars to Euros prior to their trip. I personally just exchanged USD directly to CUC.

One thing is for sure, almost everything is paid in cash and you need to bring enough for your whole trip. Don’t count on being able to use credit or debit cards. Also, change money immediately so you can buy water.

Phone Service & Wifi in Cuba

Phone: The phone service in Cuba is not great. Don’t expect to go to Cuba and use your phone, text, and data plan the way you do regularly. In fact, it would be best if you considered your time in Cuba as a digital break. I have Verizon phone service and I was told incorrect information about using my phone/data in Cuba. It’s really expensive and the coverage is spotty. I met a couple who had Sprint and they seemed to have a much easier time.

Wifi: I read about free wifi in parks in Cuba but couldn’t figure it out. My casa particular had wifi but only during certain hours. The hours were constantly changing so sometimes I got lucky for an hour or I had no service for hours on end. It was frustrating mostly because I didn’t know it was going to be such a problem. If you consider Cuba a digital break, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you get a signal. I would imagine that staying in a high end hotel (not available to Americans) the wifi situation might be better.

This Cuba Packing list will get you prepared for the trip. Make sure to read What I Loved & Hated About Visiting Cuba for more information about this interesting and beautiful country including where to stay. Information about traveling to Cuba is constantly changing. We will attempt to keep this information current but check the information provided by your airline. They will have the latest updates regarding tourist cards, travel insurance and luggage limits.

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