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What to Wear in Jordan – 10 Things You’re Forgetting to Pack

If you are wondering about what to wear in Jordan for women or men, you’ve come to the right place. This post has all the travel tips you need from the appropriate clothing in Jordan to everything that needs to be on your Jordan packing list.

Clothing in Jordan needs to be somewhat conservative but the Jordanian dress code is different from Amman to the Dead Sea to Petra and Wadi Rum. With so many different places to visit, most people wonder how to dress in Jordan.

We had some moments on our trip to Jordan that were a bit uncomfortable so we’re sharing what we learned so you can feel completely confident and looking great.

Planning Your Trip to Jordan Last Minute?

If you are trying to pull together your trip quickly, here is a quick reference guide to the tours and hotels we recommend, along with practical travel information.

Also check out these amazing Wadi Rum Bubble Hotels and the best hotels at the Dead Sea. Both places deserve qa spot on your Jordan bucket list.

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Weather and The Best Time To Go To Jordan

One of the biggest considerations in figuring out what to wear in Jordan is the season you choose to travel. Overall, Jordan can be described as dry, dusty desert land. Depending on the time of year, travelers may expect extreme temperatures.


One of the best times to visit Jordan is surely spring, when it’s not too hot to enjoy outdoor adventures. March is an especially great time for hiking.

As temperatures increase from the 60s to 80s (17 to 27 C), you will see wildflowers and lush landscapes. The Dead Sea and Aqaba are better visited from February – April. May starts to get too hot.

Make sure to pack lightweight and warmer clothes, including a jacket for chilly evenings, so you can layer appropriately. Add hiking shoes and to your Jordan packing list.

Summers tend to be long and stifling. Temperatures can top 100° F (38° C). July is the hottest and windiest month. Wind is awful when you are visiting places like Petra and the sand is whipping everywhere.

If you are planning your holiday in summer, it is best to pack light, breathable clothes with you in light colors. 


Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Jordan. While September is cooler than August, October is even better and an ideal time to visit all parts of the country. October and November are also ideal times to visit the Dead Sea and Aqaba.

Like spring, days are still warm and nights can get chilly, so pack layers and bring some warmer clothes with you. Starting mid-October, there can be mild rain so it’s good to pack an umbrella or a waterproof jacket.


The coldest and wettest month in Jordan is January. Over 75% of the annual rainfall takes place in winter. Amman is windy and cold and Petra and Wadi Rum can have snow. You will definitely need a warm coat, boots and winter clothes.

What to Wear in Petra Jordan
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Clothing in Jordan – The Jordan Dress Code

Jordan is a magical bucket list destination. One of our favorite trips ever!

What makes it so interesting is being able to experience the ruggedness of the Wadi Rum Desert, the ancient city of Petra, floating in the Dead Sea, and modern life in cosmopolitan Amman.

As a muslim country in the Middle East, fashion in Jordan is conservative. That said, it is somewhat relaxed in the busiest tourist sites.

Generally you should not overexpose your body or wear tight clothing, but you can dress normally. However, if you rent a car and stop out of the city or go anywhere near traditional Bedouin people, it is VERY conservative.

In places like a neighborhood shop or gas station, you can definitely feel that women are treated differently than men. It can be intimidating if you are not dressed conservatively.

The Dress Code for Amman

While you will see that many local women wear a hajib (a head covering), foreigners do not need to do the same.

You do need to keep your shoulders covered, preferably wear a longer sleeved top, and wear jeans or a skirt that mostly covers your legs.

At some restaurants, especially in more upscale areas, it’s acceptable for women to have a tank top or short sleeved tops inside the restaurant but you should have a long sleeved shirt or cardigan to cover up outside the restaurant.

I wore mostly maxi dresses with 3/4 sleeves or a shirt or jacket on top and felt comfortable everywhere in Amman.

You will find that you attract unwanted attention if you do not adhere to conservative clothing. Staring and catcalls are possible, which would definitely be uncomfortable.

What to Wear in Petra

The ancient city of Petra is absolutely huge and you will be doing tons of walking, typically in hot sun with no shade and intermittent dust storms. If rain is in the forecast, it can start pouring and there’s not much shelter.

The main trail through Petra is 5 miles round trip of mostly flat walking. If you want to see the Monastery, which we highly recommend, you will climb an extra 800 stairs. You will definitely get a solid day of exercise!

Considering all of that, it’s understandable why many tourists wear whatever they want including shorts and tank tops.

While the Petra dress code is definitely more forgiving since they are used to tourists, it’s better to be respectful of the conservative culture.

Wear hiking pants or leggings with a short sleeved top that covers your shoulders. It will also protect you from the sun exposure. Leave the low cut and crop tops at home.

Dresses are another good option. Ideally they will cover your shoulders and knees. If you want to take a photo in a dress like above, just wear a long sleeved shirt on top and take it off for a few minutes.

I always travel with a button up lightweight long sleeve shirt that you can throw on top of any dress, tank top or short sleeve shirt. It helps you be conservative and still get relief from the heat when you have some privacy.

No matter what you choose to wear, definitely opt for sneakers or hiking shoes, instead of flip-flops, to be more comfortable with all the walking. Trust me, it’s more than you think!

Dress Code Jordan Wadi Rum
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What to Wear in Jordan Female

As mentioned, women should do their best to respect the Jordanian culture and cover up. That means your shoulders, chest, arms, and legs shouldn’t be exposed. Avoid short skirts and shorts since it is considered provocative. 

Most locals also use headscarves (hajib) to cover their hair. As a foreigner, you don’t need to cover your hair. Just bring a scarf in your bag to use in a mosque.

When planning your outfits for Jordan, make sure to pack clothes that can be layered. In summer, it is going to be hot. In other seasons, mornings can be crisp, while the days can make you sweaty. Bring a puffer jacket that packs easily.

Although you will have to dress more conservatively in Jordan, you can still look fabulous. Maxi dresses, skirts, stylish pants are just a few examples of how you can be respectful and also fashionable. Jordanian women love fashion.

When it comes to shoes, it depends on the season. In winter, bring a pair of boots. In other seasons, sandals are a great option, especially at the Dead Sea. Don’t forget to take sneakers, especially important when visiting Petra and Jerash.

Dress Code in Jordan for Men

Men won’t have to change their dressing preferences too much. In Amman, Jordanian men mostly wear jeans with a button up shirt or polo shirt on top.

Tourists can be seen wearing shorts, jeans, t-shirts, shirts, and jackets. Men should make sure to bring shoes with good traction, a hat to protect from the sun and a jacket for chilly evenings.

What to Wear in Jordan Men Wadi Rum
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10 Things You Might Be Forgetting To Pack For Jordan

1. Portable Charger Power Bank

Long sightseeing or transportation days in Jordan mean that you need a portable charger. In addition to charging your phone, you might need to charge camera or video equipment too.

We travel with 2 chargers for all of our devices and this 2 Pack of portable chargers is a great deal. Each charger will charge an iPhone 3 times. They are small and lightweight so you can easily fit it in a backpack or purse.

2. Step Down Power Converter & European Travel Plug Adapter with USB Ports

When you get back to your hotel at night and are ready to charge your electronics, you need an international power adapter AND a step down voltage converter.

This international power adapter can charge up to 6 devices simultaneously in 150 countries for your phone, computer and dual voltage appliances. Anything that’s NOT dual voltage needs a step down voltage converter.

Our favorite step down voltage converter has traveled with us all over the world since 2018. It converts the power from Jordan’s 230 volts to 110 volts so you don’t burn out your USA appliances.

It has 2 110V outlets and 4 USB ports to charge everything at once. A voltage converter can take the place of a power adapter if you don’t need more outlets.

Since you can’t buy a step down voltage converter overseas, it’s one of the most important items for your Jordan packing list.

Pro Tip: Hair dryers / straighteners don’t work well with any adapter. Save yourself the headache and buy a dual voltage travel hairdryer or dual voltage travel hair straightener. They’re compact, inexpensive, and can be used in any country.

3. Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Another way to cover up when you need to is to carry or wear a long sleeved button down shirt. It’s the perfect versatile piece of clothing for Jordan to wear in the day or out at night. I often wear one over a dress tied in a knot at the front.

Depending on the time of year you travel, Jordan can be hot. To stay as cool as possible and protected from the sun while sightseeing, a basic button-down shirt is a must for your Jordan packing list. 

Even if you are staying at a beach resort, it is a good idea to bring a long couple of lightweight long-sleeved shirts that are made of breathable materials. They work well as a beach cover up too.

4. A Hat is a Must for Your Jordan Packing List

The sun in Jordan, especially from May through September, is very strong. This packable straw hat is the best because you can squish it into your suitcase and it looks perfect when you take it out. It comes in 15 color combos.

If you only take one hat, a straw hat works well for the Dead Sea, Petra or even Amman. It’s lightweight and you can get it wet without worrying. I also brought this felt fedora hat for a different look.

Men should bring a bucket hat which packs flat and is great for sun protection, rain and athletic endeavors or a baseball hat.

Best Hotels at the Dead Sea
HAT: Amazon | DRESS: Similar

5. Travel Dresses for Jordan

You can absolutely wear leggings and jeans but I often find wrinkle-free dresses to be the easiest thing to wear in a conservative country.

These are my favorite inexpensive maxi dresses from Amazon because they either don’t wrinkle or the look is a lightly wrinkled fabric. They are also inexpensive and they take almost no room in your suitcase (I’m a carry-on only girl).

6. Comfortable Walking Shoes for Travel, Hiking Shoes or Trail Runners

Some of the best adventures in Jordan involve lots of dirt and dust. You’ll want sturdy shoes in Wadi Rum, Wadi Musa, and even in Petra, where you can hike in from the desert.

The hike we missed due to lack of time is the Siq Trail in Wadi Mujib by the Dead Sea. One of our biggest regrets in Jordan was not booking a full week and doing these hikes. We had no idea how much we would love Jordan.

At the very least you need comfortable sneakers but trail runners are much more useful since they are the happy medium between sneakers and hiking shoes.

  • I have tried oodles of sneakers for travel and these Adidas are the most comfortable, that you can wear for hours on end. They also clean up easily with a washcloth in your hotel room.
  • My favorite trail runners for women and trail runners for men come with us on en every trip unless we know we need full hiking shoes. Trail runners make a huge difference in places like Petra where there are lots of little rocks and slippery dirt.
  • If you decide to hike in Wadi Mujib, you will need good water shoes for hiking. They have great traction and they are pretty easy to pack. You should also bring a dry bag or waterproof backpack that will keep your stuff safe from the water.

7. An Anti Theft Purse or Back Pack

Unfortunately like many countries around the world, pickpocketing is a reality in Jordan. There is nothing that will ruin a trip faster than having your belongings stolen.

Bringing a quality anti-theft travel purse or a theft proof backpack will help you stay safe.

  • This anti-theft crossbody bag has slash proof sides, the main compartment locks and there are RFID blocking slots for credit cards.
  • Slightly larger, the anti-theft messenger bag has a side pocket that can hold your water bottle.
  • A very popular option for men or women is an anti-theft sling bag. The interior has a pocket big enough for an iPad. It comes with a cord to charge your phone on the go. The main compartment is lockable and there’s a card slot on the padded shoulder strap.
  • My husband carries this roll top camera backpack that is much safer than a normal pack. The roll top is impossible for a pickpocket and the part that opens the side of the bag is placed against your back. The 11 liter backpack works great for a day pack.

We put an AirTag in our checked suitcases, so we know where they are at all times even if the airline doesn’t!

Guy also keeps an AirTag in his camera backpack and he always gets an alert that he left it behind when we walk out of the hotel room. It’s comforting to know that we are protected from theft or forgetting our bag.

Never lose your wallet with this credit card sized Airtag holder that can be put in one of the card slots of your wallet or your keys with an AirTag keychain. We also keep an AirTag on our dog’s collar!

If you buy an AirTag 4 pack, the cost per AirTag is cheaper and you will definitely use them. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

8. A Lightweight Scarf is What to Wear in Jordan to Visit Mosques

There are two main reasons a scarf is an essential on your Jordan packing list. The first is purely practical. When you visit Petra and Wadi Rum, a scarf can protect you from dust. Or you can use a buff.

As we were walking through Petra, a wind picked up from out of nowhere multiple times and we were trying to duck our heads as the dirt was blowing right into our faces.

If you are visiting Amman and plan to visit King Abdullah I Mosque, women will need to cover their head with a scarf and not have bare arms, legs or jeans.

You must wear a head covering or have bare arms, they will provide a scarf and an abaya that you must wear to enter. If you don’t want to wear something worn by multiple people per day, carry a scarf in your bag and wear proper attire.

This lightweight gauze scarf comes in 14 colors and it’s the best deal. It is super soft and can be used to cover your head, shoulders, as a wrap or around your neck if it’s chilly. At 75″x43″, it’s sizable enough to work for everything.

In the summer months when you might be wearing a tank top or a dress that bares your shoulders, use a scarf to cover your chest and shoulders. If you are wearing leggings or shorts, wrap the scarf around your waist and cover your knees.

9. A Lightweight Travel Towel

Another item that is very helpful if you are planning to visit Aqaba, Wadi Mujib or the Dead Sea (especially if you are not staying at a place with a private beach) is a lightweight travel towel.

This soft, fast drying, microfiber towel is great for the beach or to take hiking, diving or kayaking. It comes in a small carrying case that you can clip to your backpack.

10. An Inexpensive Swimsuit for the Dead Sea

Make sure to pack at least two swimsuits. The Dead Sea has a salty, oily consistency. That’s why you float but it can ruin your swimsuit.

In addition to the water, you will probably partake in the tradition of doing a Dead Sea salt scrub and putting Dead Sea mud all over your body. It’s super fun to do and again terrible for your swimsuit.

Bring a cute inexpensive swimsuit that you don’t mind ruining or bring an old swimsuit you already have. Black was perfect and the suits didn’t get stained. Here’s a great inexpensive swimsuit for men.

What to Wear in Jordan Dead Sea
HAT: Amazon | SUNGLASSES: Similar | SWIMSUIT: Similar

Packing List for Jordan Checklist

Things to Leave off Your Jordan Packing List

  • Tank tops and crop tops – Unless you are by the pool or beach, these shouldn’t be worn.
  • Heavy jackets – unless you are visiting in winter, a light cardigan or puffer jacket is perfect.
  • Valuables – It’s important to leave as many valuables as possible behind. Tourists are very easily targeted, especially in popular destinations, so make sure to keep your essential valuables close to you.
  • Drone – you need to apply for approval to bring your drone at least 10 working days ahead of your trip. If you bring your drone without approval, they will hold your drone at the airport until you leave.

Petra Jordan Camels

Practical Information for Jordan

The currency in Jordan is Jordanian dinar. Cash is necessary and there are many ATMs available throughout the country including at the airport.


We have been using Discover Cars for all our rentals lately. They work with all the major companies and we’ve been able to get great deals (sometimes hundreds less) so we highly recommend them.

Driving in Jordan is so much easier than we expected. The roads are great and google maps worked well for directions.


In Jordan, visas are offered upon arrival. This means that when land in Amman, you can enter the country by purchasing a visa for 40 JD. Or you can purchase your Jordan Visa in Advance here.


The other option is to purchase the Jordan Pass, which is a sightseeing package that includes entrance to over 40 attractions. As long as you buy the Jordan Pass before you enter the country, you can also use it to get your tourist visa entry fee waived.

There are 3 types that differ in the number of days to visit Petra. We bought the Jordan Explorer pass.

  • Jordan Wanderer – 70 JD (includes 1 day visit to Petra)
  • Jordan Explorer – 75 JD (includes 2 consecutive days visit to Petra)
  • Jordan Expert – 80 JD (includes 3 consecutive days visit to Petra)


Many people worry about safety visiting countries in the Middle East like Jordan. There are some things you can do to plan ahead.

Start by looking up the Jordan Travel Advisory to be aware of any current issues. Since things are constantly changing in the world, we highly recommend travel protection.

There are 2 ways we protect ourselves. We book our tickets with our Chase Sapphire Preferred that has built in travel protection and we use SafetyWing travel insurance. If we ever need to cancel a trip, we are totally covered.

One last note regarding safety: always be aware of your surroundings. No matter where in the world you travel, even if it is within your own country, be alert. Tourists are always a target. The less touristy you look, the better.

As mentioned above use a secure travel purse or secure backpack with an AirTag inside to protect yourself from petty theft.

Final Thoughts About What to Wear in Jordan

So there you have it, all the packing tips for visiting Jordan as a woman and details you need to know about the Jordan dress code!

With a few key items on your Jordan packing list and an understanding of local customs, you’ll be prepared for anything during your trip. And remember, even if you don’t always blend in with the locals, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and enjoy your time in Jordan!

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