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25 Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach, California

Get to know this lively and family-friendly coastal city when you explore the best things to do in Redondo Beach.

Whether you want fresh seafood by the pier or a long bike around along Santa Monica Bay, Redondo Beach California has a lot to offer. We’ll dive into things you can do as a family as well as where to shop, eat, drink, and unwind.

Let the Pacific Coast be your playground as you explore the best activities in Redondo Beach City.

Best Things to do in Redondo Beach California

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Where is Redondo Beach City

Redondo Beach is a coastal city in Southern California, specifically in Los Angeles County. It is south of Manhattan Beach and north of Rancho Palos Verdes.

It’s part of the South Bay region and sits along the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica Bay, offering beautiful sandy beaches and a relaxed beach town vibe.

You can arrive here in about 30 minutes if you’re coming from Los Angeles International Airport. It’s one of the closest towns to the airport.

Best Time to Visit Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is one of the loveliest California beach cities with year-round pleasant weather.

However, spring and fall are excellent times to visit Redondo Beach. The weather is amazing, and it’s not yet the peak tourist season, so it’ll be less crowded. Most activities, like kayaking and SUP rentals, should still be available as well.

Summer in Redondo Beach is beautiful, but it does get busier. The weather is warm and sunny and ideal for swimming and outdoor activities.

Winter is mild, and although the weather is usually good, it’s a bit too cold to swim and do other water activities. If you’re not interested in those experiences, then winter can be a relaxing time to visit.

How to Get to Redondo Beach

Renting a car is the best way to get around Los Angeles County. Redondo Beach is located southwest of downtown Los Angeles, and about 8 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

One of the biggest mistakes people make visiting Los Angeles is not renting a car. Public transportation in LA is limited and Uber can be very expensive because of traffic and the fact that LA is HUGE!

To get to Redondo Beach from Downtown Los Angeles:

  • Take I-110 South (Harbor Freeway) to I-405 South (San Diego Freeway).
  • Continue on I-405 South and take the exit for Inglewood Ave/CA-107 South toward Manhattan Beach.
  • Follow Inglewood Ave/CA-107 South to Redondo Beach.

If you’re coming from Los Angeles International Airport, follow these directions:

  • Head south and then make a slight right onto World Way
  • Turn right toward CA-1 S/S Sepulveda Blvd
  • Merge onto CA-1 S/S Sepulveda Blvd via the ramp to I-105
  • Continue to follow CA-1 S for Redondo Beach.

Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach, California

Make the most of your time in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles with these activities and things to do in Redondo Beach.

1. Breakfast at Yellow Vase, HiFi Espresso, or Wildflower Cafe

Yellow Vase is a cute eatery with French pastries and American-style breakfast and lunch dishes. The place gets a lot of natural lighting, and the flowers and outdoor patio make it one of the best places to visit in Redondo Beach City.

It’s popular and the line can be long but it moves quickly. If you see a table, grab it, while one person does the order at the counter.

Hi-Fi Espresso is a small coffee shop with artisan coffee, pastries, toasts, and sandwiches. They also have locations in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Then, for a taste of local flavors, Wildflower Cafe has a hearty breakfast menu with fresh ingredients and indoor/outdoor ingredients. The space is artsy and laid back.

Redondo Beach Surfing

2. Go Surfing or Take a Surf Lesson

If you’re spending a couple of days here, you might like to soak up the Californian lifestyle by going surfing in Redondo Beach.

Whether you’re already an avid surfer or a beginner with zero experience, there are surf schools and rental shops along the shore for every level.

Redondo Beach has pretty consistent breaks, so it’s a great place for beginners to book a surf lesson.

If you already surf, the waves closer to the Redondo Pier will be slightly larger and have better form.

Best Things to do in Redondo Beach Esplanade
Redondo Beach Esplanade With Paths Above and Below

3. Walk along the Esplanade

The Esplanade is one of the best places to walk around when visiting Redondo Beach, California.

In a way, there are two esplanades. There is one that hugs alongside the beach and one up on the main level of the town.

Cycling and skateboarding is common along the beach path, and the upper part is nice for leisurely walks and coastal views since you’re at a slightly higher elevation.

4. Take an E-Bike Beach Tour

Redondo Beach has a great path for riding bikes. Get a rental at Beachside Bike Rental to ride around town or along the beach. Traditional bikes are $15 an hour, and E-Bikes range from $40-$60 per hour.

One of the most epic Redondo Beach activities is an E-Bike tour from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica Pier. This is a 4-hour e-bike tour with stops in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, or Venice Beach.

You’ll be able to ride on the famous Strand in Manhattan Beach, see some of the top sights in Venice, and finally head to Santa Monica. The ride is easy on an E-Bike, and you’ll be seeing some of the best beaches in Southern California.

Redondo Beach Pier

5. Visit the Redondo Beach Pier

Soak up the energy of the Redondo Beach Pier, where you’ll find a hub of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options like live music. 

While you’re there, stroll along the pier, grab some ice cream, go for fresh seafood at one of the restaurants on the pier, or sit at a bench and enjoy some downtime.

There are also views of the sunny marina, and for a convenient place to stay, there are some excellent hotels right next to the Pier.

Redondo Beach Glass Bottom Boat

6. Take a Glass Bottom Boat Ride

For a unique and family-friendly thing to do in Redondo Beach, book a glass-bottom boat ride.

Most don’t have a clear glass floor but rather glass sides so you have a huge window view facing the marine life along the Pacific Coast.

Tickets for adults are $25 then $15 for teens and $10 for children.

7. Go for a Redondo Beach Whale Watching Cruise

Southern California is an awesome place for whale watching, and Redondo Beach is one of LA County’s best spots for it.

Book a 2.5-hour whale-watching excursion and there will be a high chance you’ll see whales, such as a Gray Whale, Fin, Minke, Humpbacks, and Sperm whales.

You might even see other marine life, like dolphins, sharks, and sea lions throughout the journey.

Adult tickets are around $45 for the 2.5-hour cruise, and there are different times available from morning to sunset.

8. Peddle Boat Rental

Rent pedal boats and cruise along the boardwalk for a fun and family-friendly experience. It’s also a cheap thing to do in Redondo Beach.

Tickets for an hour-long ride are $12 for adults and $6 for children. You’ll find the boats at the King Harbor Marina.

Redondo Beach Kayak and SUP

9. Redondo Beach Kayak and SUP

If you prefer something a little more active, there are also kayak and SUP rentals at Redondo Beach.

Prices are $30 for a double kayak or $15 for a single; SUPs are $15 a person. These rentals are also available at the King Harbor Marina.

10. Gondola Ride

Take an Italian-style boat ride guided by a gondolier for a unique thing to do in Redondo Beach, California.

You’ll go along the harbor, navigating past white-washed boats with views of palm trees. It’s also really lovely at sunset.

Redondo Pier Skatepark

11. Redondo Pier Skatepark

Right across from the Redondo Beach Marina, the city of Redondo Beach’s skatepark is surrounded by water. It’s a cool place to skate or watch the action.

In the morning, there were cute little kids on skateboards and scooters. It’s a nice spot for them to try it out without having to worry about being crushed by big kids.

12. Redondo Beach Volleyball

You’ll find volleyball “courts” on the sand, making for a fun and free thing to do in Redondo Beach.

Anyone can these public courts, but it is a “first-come, first-served” situation, so get there early and bring your volleyball if you want to play.

Torrance Beach

13. Torrance County Beach

Wander over to Torrance County Beach just south of Redondo Beach. Here you’ll have access to 1.5 miles of shoreline with 40 acres of golden sand.

The large sandy beach has lots of space for swimming, sunbathing, gatherings with friends, surfing, etc.

14. Redondo Pier Free Outdoor Yoga

For one of the most relaxing and free things to do in Redondo Beach, you should check out the free yoga sessions on the pier.

There is sunrise yoga every 2nd Saturday of the month year-round, and if you visit in September there is a weekly Wednesday night yoga class.

Redondo Beach Farmers Market

15. Redondo Beach Farmers Market

The local farmers market is called the Riviera Village Certified Farmers Market and it’s open every Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.

It’s a lively place to visit in Redondo Beach on Sundays with vendors set up along Elena Avenue. They have fresh produce, baked goods, empanadas, and other delicious cuisine.

They also have a Sunday Funday Kids Zone once a month with different child-friendly events and activities going on.

16. Shopping in Riviera Village

The Riviera Village is not just the location of the weekly farmers market. It’s also one of the best shopping streets in the city.

There seems to be a little bit of everything here, from colorful flower shops and day spas to local art shops and bikini stores.

My favorite is Alandrea, a women’s clothing boutique where you will definitely find something you love. They also have jewelry and home decor if you’re looking for souvenirs.

The Village also has dining options. For example, Hi-Fi Espresso and The Yellow Vase are both here. You’ll find the popular Redondo Beach Brewing Company here, along with other breweries, international cuisine, and fresh seafood.

Boy and the Bear Coffee
In addition to a cozy setting and cool people, the coffee at the Boy & The Bear is delicious.

17. Coffee at Boy & The Bear or a Pastry at Tommy and Atticus

Boy & The Bear is an industrial chic coffee shop with top-notch coffee in California. You can grab a a bag of coffee as a souvenir but definitely have a cappuccino or your favorite coffee drink while you’re there.

Across the street, you’ll see Garage 77, which is a local car club. If you’re lucky, they’ll have some cool classic cars parked outside, like the one shown at the top of this post.

If you’re not a coffee person, Tommy and Atticus is one of the city’s best bakeries. There are freshly baked croissants, sourdough bread, sandwiches, and other delicious treats.

Redondo Beach Sunset
Sunset over Redondo Beach Pier.

18. Watch the Redondo Beach Sunset

California sunsets are not to be missed. Soak them up from the Redondo Pier, the beach, or one of the city’s rooftops like the Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge.

19. Lunch or Dinner at Fatto A Mano, The Rockefeller or Rex Steakhouse

For some of the best places to eat in the area, check out one of these three restaurants for lunch or dinner.

Fatto A Mano is an amazing spot for authentic Italian cuisine. It’s a low-key place with handmade pasta, focaccia, lasagna, and other classic dishes.

The Rockefeller is one of the best places for burgers and sangrias and the upscale Rex Steakhouse has a cocktail lounge and an excellent steakhouse menu that still has vegetarian options.

The Rockefeller Redondo Beach Restaurants
Make a reservation in advance because the burgers at The Rockefeller are delish!

20. Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center – tickets

Another one of the cultural activities is seeing a show at the Performing Arts Center. The center puts on plays, ballets, gigs, and all sorts of live performances, so there is always something going on.

Check their schedule for upcoming performances, and make sure you get your tickets in advance. Going to a show can be one of the best things to do in Redondo Beach at night.

21. Get a Cone at Handel’s Ice Cream

Handel’s Ice Cream is one of the city’s most classic ice cream parlors. It’s been around since 1945, and it’s still a local favorite.

They have a rotation of both classic and unique flavors as well as sorbets and shakes. Stop by on a sunny day or as a post-dinner treat as they stay open until 11 PM from Sunday to Wednesday and until midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

It’s a short walk to El Retiro Park if you have the kids in tow.

Redondo Beach Veterans Park
Veteran’s Park has nice open green spaces and a kid’s play area that’s very popular.

22. Take the Kids to Veterans Park

If you are traveling in South Bay with kids, Veterans Park is the perfect place to let them play and enjoy some free time.

The expansive park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and open green spaces, so there are plenty of opportunities for kids to run, play, and enjoy the sunshine.

Plus, it has coastal city views so it’s a nice place to take in the oceanside and go for a walk, even if you don’t have kids.

23. Seaside Lagoon Pool for kids

One of the most popular Redondo Beach things to do in summer is to visit the Seaside Lagoon. It’s a heated, sea-water swimming lagoon in the sand. It’s a lot of fun for families.

You can also do paddle boarding and kayaking here, and there’s a play area for younger children.

The Seaside Lagoon is open Fridays to Mondays from 10 AM to 5:45 PM during the summer season from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend.

Hopkins Wilderness Park
Enjoy this 11-acre natural environment with views of LA at Hopkins Wilderness Park.

24. Hopkins Wilderness Park

Hopkins Wilderness Park is a great place to get out into nature in Southern California.

Take advantage of scenic hiking trails, observe local wildlife at the various meadows and ponds, and enjoy gleaming views of the surrounding landscape. You’ll want to bring your camera for this one.

For a fun overnight trip, you can even camp out at the onsite campgrounds.

25. Dominguez Park

Located centrally, Dominguez Park is a favorite of dog owners in Redondo Beach. There’s a secure area to let your dogs run and play on sandy terrain.

There is also a historic home and museum on the park premises that dates back to 1904. You can visit the tiny cottage with historic artifacts and a bright flower garden.

Otherwise, at the park, you can also take advantage of the picnic areas, walking paths, and the little league field.

Where to Stay in Redondo Beach California Hotels

  • Shade Hotel Redondo Beach (8.6) Guests love the amazing beds, luxurious bathtubs in the room or on the balcony, excellent views of the Marina, free bike rental, outdoor pool, and fitness center.
  • The Portofino Hotel (8) Waterfront hotel near the Marina with an outdoor pool and a short walk to the beach.
  • Sonesta Redondo Beach & Marina (8.1) More of a business hotel feel in a great location.
  • Sea Sprite Ocean Front Hotel (9) Stylish hotel with coastal decor on the Strand in Hermosa Beach, 1.5 miles from Redondo.

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Final Thoughts About What to Do in Redondo Beach

This round-up of activities offers a little bit of everything when it comes to what to do in Redondo Beach. Cycle around the city, walk along the Pier for views of Santa Monica Bay, take the kids to the park, or eat out at some fantastic restaurants.

Remember that some attractions, like the free yoga classes and Seaside Lagoon, are only available during certain times of the month or season. Keep these tips in mind when planning your trip.

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Redondo Beach Things to Do

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