Seville to Cordoba Day Trip One Day in Cordoba Spain

The Best Seville to Cordóba Day Trip: How to Plan One Day in Cordóba, Spain 

Setting off on a Seville to Córdoba day trip will take you from one wonderfully historic, once-Moorish city to another. This is one of the best places to visit near Seville, thanks to its compact center, ancient UNESCO sites, and flower-filled courtyards.

If you want to plan an amazing Córdoba day trip from Seville, follow this guide on how to get there, what to do in the city, and how to make the most of your time.

Whether you want to take a guided tour or plan the trip on your own, here’s the ultimate one day in Córdoba itinerary when visiting Córdoba from Seville.

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Planning your trip to Córdoba last minute? Here are the tours and hotels we recommend. The Best Hotels in Córdoba has great places to stay overnight. There’s plenty to do in Córdoba for a Spain Weekend Break.

Day Trip From Seville to Cordoba

Where is Córdoba, Spain?

Córdoba is a city located in the southern part of Spain in Andalusia, one of the most popular regions of Spain.

It’s a small city set along the Guadalquivir River, that also runs through Seville. Much of Córdoba is surrounded by rolling hills and lush olive groves that add a picturesque backdrop to the skyline.

Córdoba has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any other city. It’s steeped in centuries of Moorish and Christian influences, and that’s part of what makes it one of the best day trips from Seville.

Best Tours From Seville to Córdoba

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How to Get to Córdoba From Seville On Your Own

Rent a Car and Drive From Seville to Córdoba

The roads are terrific in Spain, you can get a great deal from Discover Cars, and you’ll have a chance to see some of the famous Pueblos Blancos along the way.

Enjoy the benefits of traveling through Andalusia at your own pace and be able to visit the Caminito Del Rey and Malaga too.

By car, it takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get from Seville to Córdoba on the A-4.

Book your rental car now!

Seville to Córdoba by Train

The Seville Córdoba train takes about 40-50 minutes from the Seville Santa Justa Train Station to the Córdoba Train Station. You can take the AVANT, AVE, or Iryo trains.

Trains start just before 6 AM and run until 9:30 PM. Return trains from Córdoba to Seville run a couple of times an hour, with the last departure just past 11 PM.

Check train times for your Seville to Córdoba Day Trip day trip here.

Take the Bus From Seville to Córdoba

ALSA runs a bus service between the two cities, but keep in mind this is the longest journey option. The average bus takes 2 hours and it’s only slightly cheaper than taking the train.

Best Things to Do in Córdoba in One Day

Best Hotels in Córdoba Spain
The view of the historic center of Córdoba from the opposite side of the Roman bridge.

Take a Tour of Córdoba’s Historic Center

Start your one day in Córdoba by exploring the historic center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This Córdoba Historic Center Tour will make the experience a lot more enriching by giving you insight into the numerous historic sites this old-world city has to offer.

With the walking tour, you’ll be able to explore so much of the center – like the Jewish Quarter with its narrow streets, white-washed buildings, and one of Spain’s best-preserved synagogues.

You’ll also visit several other places to see in Córdoba like the Mezquita and the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

If you’re on a day trip and want to maximize your time, this 4-hour walking tour is the perfect way to begin the day.

Tickets cost $45 and include skip-the-line access and all entry fees.

Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba from Seville
The Moorish arches of the Mezquita are one of the best things to see in Córdoba.

Great Mosque-Cathedral (Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba)

One of the best places to see on a Seville to Córdoba day trip is the Great Mosque-Cathedral, also known as the Mezquita. After the Alhambra in Granada, the Córdoba Mezquita is the most prominent Islamic site in Spain.

Besides, it was built in 988 AD and is an architectural masterpiece  full of rich cultural heritage. 

Since it was originally a Moorish mosque that later became a cathedral, you can admire the unique blend of Islamic and Christian architecture, intricate arches, and the prayer hall. 

Be sure to book your tickets in advance to skip the line.

Regular tickets are €13 . You can also pay €3 extra to visit the Bell Tower with beautiful views of the historic city.

Hop on this Córdoba: Skip-the-Ticket-Line Mosque-Cathedral Guided Tour to make the most of your time. The guides are really experienced and can tell you a lot about the history of Córdoba’s top attraction.

One of the most famous places in the city is the Alcázar of the Christian Kings. This majestic fortress served as a residence for Spanish royalty in the Middle Ages.

While there, wander through the lush gardens with long fountains, statues, and vibrant flowers, and admire panoramic views from one of the towers.

Tickets are €5. The Alcázar is open every day except Mondays. It’s usually open until 8 p.m. (only until 5:30 on Saturdays) and lovely to see at night.

An Alcazar Guided Tour and Skip-the-Line Ticket allows you to learn more about the history and make the best use of your time on a Córdoba day trip. 

There is a light show starting at 9 PM called Naturaleza Encendida: Raíces. We loved the interactive displays and the water shows set to music.

Seville to Cordoba Day Trip One Day in Cordoba Spain
The Roman Bridge is an iconic symbol of Córdoba.

Roman Bridge

During your Córdoba day trip from Seville, you will definitely want to stroll along the Roman Bridge.

The bridge dates back to the 1st century BC and is characterized by its enduring 16 arches, seamlessly blending architectural elements from Roman, Moorish, and medieval periods.

This ancient bridge spans the Guadalquivir River while offering gorgeous panoramic views of the city skyline. You’ll want to capture memorable photos of the Mezquita Cathedral and the Alcazar from this vantage point.

Cordoba Day Trip From Seville Calahorra Tower
Calahorra Tower stands tall at the end of the ancient Roman Bridge.

Calahorra Tower

Climb the Calahorra Tower, a medieval Islamic defensive tower located at the end of the Roman Bridge. It was first used by the Moors, then later restored by King Enrique II of Castile in 1369.

The tower serves as a Córdoba history museum with artifacts and documents showing the peaceful coexistence of Jews, Muslims, and Christians over centuries.

From the top of the Calahorra Tower, you’ll get terrific views of the Roman Bridge and the historic city while enjoying the best of Córdoba in one day.

Tickets for adults are only €4.50. The museum is open daily.

Day Trip to Cordoba Patios
The Patios of Córdoba are even more colorful during the Feria de los Patios.

Patios de Córdoba

Just next to the Jewish Quarter is Basilio, which is a neighborhood with many of the best flower-filled patios and courtyards.

This is even more obvious during the Feria de los Patios, the Córdoba’s Patio Festival that happens every May. Contestants take part by opening up their patios to the public. 

The Viana Palace is one of the best flower-filled courtyards with tons of hanging plants, as the complex was built around 12 patios/courtyards.

Find the most spectacular patios with this Córdoba Guided Tour of the Patios. It is only $19 and offers some historical insight into Córdoba during the Roman time and how the courtyards of the city evolved. 

Patio de los Naranjos Seville to Cordoba Day Trip
The Patio de Los Naranjos is a tranquil courtyard set within the Mosque-Cathedral complex.

Patio de Los Naranjos

Among the most iconic courtyards is the one located next to the Mezquita, which is already a must-see during a day trip to Córdoba from Seville.

So, before or after seeing the mosque-cathedral, take in the charm of Patio de Los Naranjos. It’s covered in dozens of orange trees, though there are some palm and cypress trees as well.

Cordoba Spain in May
Calleja de las Flores is a photogenic passageway adorned with vibrant potted flowers.

Calleja de las Flores

Part of the Jewish Quarter, Calleja de las Flores is known as the most photographed street in Córdoba. That’s because it’s  lined with bright blue and clay-colored flower pots hanging from whitewashed walls.

There’s an assortment of flowers and plants in the pots. It makes for a picture-perfect spot to capture a memory from your Córdoba day trip from Seville.

Jewish Quarter Córdoba in One Day
Córdoba’s Jewish Quarter is a labyrinth of streets filled with well-preserved medieval architecture.

Jewish Quarter

Wander through the picturesque streets of the Jewish Quarter, known as La Judería. It’s the neighborhood that surrounds the Mezquita, and it’s one of the loveliest areas to explore during any Córdoba one day itinerary.

It’s unique for its courtyards and streets dotted with blue-potted flowers that hang on the walls and balconies. Take a walk down Calleja de las Flores, literally called the Street of the Flowers, for one of the best places.

Many of the little plazas also have sculptures that represent simple acts like a grandfather and grandson hanging up potted plants. You can see this sculpture in Pl. de Manuel Garrido Moreno.

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Palacio de Viana One Day in Cordoba Spain
The Palacio de Viana in Córdoba is a splendid Renaissance palace renowned for its twelve stunning patios.

Palacio de Viana

On your day in Córdoba from Seville, if you have time, visit the Palacio de Viana, a stunning Renaissance palace with beautiful gardens and patios.

It has numerous courtyards/patios, following the Córdoba style with tons of potted plants. It’s the main reason people visit.

You can take a tour of the opulent rooms, wander through the various art collections, and admire the historical elements like its antique furnishings and architecture.

Hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Sundays and holidays until 3:00 p.m. Adult tickets are €12 to see the interior and the patios.

Best Restaurants in Cordoba
Sojo Fusión is a terrific spot to get drinks or dinner by the Guadalquivir River.

This small Andalusian city is a wonderful destination for foodies. The cuisine is reasonably priced and it’s home to two popular local dishes – a bull tail soup and salmorejo, a thicker and creamier version of gazpacho made by blending in bread.

Beside one of Córdoba’s most beautiful streets, Calleja de las Flores, you’ll find an excellent place to try salmorejo. El Abanico – Tapas Córdoba is a laidback tapas bar that also serves seafood, meat dishes, and drinks.

Next to the Mezquita, Regadera (a watering can in English), is another place to eat in Córdoba with elevated cuisine. The food is Spanish-Mediterranean with international flair and homey vibes. 

Sojo Fusión is an upscale restaurant by the river that serves market-fresh cuisine and excellent cocktails. It’s a lively place and one of the best for a drink.

Bodegas Guzman is one of the best traditional bars serving Córdoba’s fortified wine, Montilla-Moriles. They have tapas as well, so it’s a fun evening spot.

Hop on this Córdoba: Local Wine Tasting Evening to try more wine from the Montilla-Moriles region. Sample 4 wines and enjoy a local tapa with each one. It only lasts an hour so you’ll have plenty of time to do other things in the evening. 

Where to Stay in Córdoba Overnight 

If you need more time than just 1 day in Córdoba, Spain, an overnight trip gives you the option to see anything you missed the following morning. Here are some of the best places to stay in Córdoba according to your budget.

    • Hospes Palacio del Bailio (9.1) – very historic Roman hotel with Moorish touches plus a sundeck, pool, and spa
    • Hotel Madinat (9.3) – set in a 1500s manor with 19th-century frescoes and a rooftop terrace that overlooks the mosque; upgraded rooms have balconies with city views
    • Balcón de Córdoba (9.3) – next to the mosque with stunningly airy rooms, 3 courtyards, and a rooftop
    • H10 Palacio Colomera (9) – located in a central plaza with a chic rooftop, plunge pool, and spacious rooms
    • Hotel Viento10 (9.2) – Set in a picturesque Moorish-style house with laidback rooms plus a sauna/spa
    • Apartamentos Ribera 19 (9.3) We stayed in one of these cute, modern apartments, perfect if you want more privacy

Best Time to Visit Cordoba

Best Time For a Cordóba Day Trip From Seville

  • Spring & Fall: Fall and spring in Córdoba bring mild and pleasant weather, making them ideal seasons to visit. During these times, temperatures hover around lows of 50°F (10°C) to highs of about 77°F (25°C). There are a handful of rainy days, but the weather is overall sunny and calm.
  • Summer: Summer in Córdoba is really hot with high temperatures. July and August are the city’s hottest months, often above 95°F (35°C). The sun shines so intensely that outdoor activities can be challenging during the peak hours of the day. Seek shade and stay hydrated during summer in Córdoba. The heat drops off at night so you can enjoy the local nightlife.
  • Winter: Winter brings cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. From kate December to February, temperatures typically range from lows of 39°F (4°C) to highs of around 59°F (15°C). Andalusia typically has milder winters than much of Europe, but come prepared for cooler weather and the possibility of rain.

Córdoba Festivals

Córdoba has numerous festivals that draw in visitors from around the country (and the world for that matter). Plan your day trip to Córdoba from Seville around one of these dates if you want an extra-cultural experience.

  • La Feria de Córdoba: It’s one of the best places to visit in May in Europe and it celebrates Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, or the Lady of Health. You’ll see street “casetas” where people can dance, drink, and play the guitar. Dress up in traditional dresses and enjoy!
  • La Feria de los Patios: Also in May, is the festival where Córdoba’s “patios” or courtyards are open to the public and filled with floral arrangements and potted plants.
  • Semana Santa (Holy Week): During the week of Easter, the city celebrates Semana Santa with parades, street gatherings, and performances.
  • Festival de la Guitarra (Guitar Festival): One of the world’s greatest guitar festivals and it happens every July for roughly two weeks.

Seville to Córdoba Day Trip FAQ

Is Córdoba Worth Visiting?

Yes, absolutely! Córdoba has 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than any city in the world – even Rome. For that reason alone, Córdoba is worth visiting. Combine its historic sites with the culinary scene, idyllic center, and unique things to do, and it’s a must-see in the south of Spain.

Is a day trip to Córdoba enough?

As the city is quite small, it’s easy to see the top attractions in one day in Córdoba. See the Mezquita, Alcazar, and Calleja de las Flores, try local food, and even do a walking tour or wine tasting.

How long does it take to get from Seville to Córdoba by train?

By train, Seville to Córdoba takes an average of 45 minutes. Trains depart from Seville Santa Justa Train Station and arrive at the Córdoba Train Station.

Which is better to visit Cordoba or Seville?

Both are incredibly historic and full of unique things to do. However, Seville serves as a better base when traveling around the south of Spain. It’s a bigger city with a larger transportation hub compared to Córdoba.

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Final Thoughts About One Day in Córdoba, Spain

Use this Córdoba day trip from Seville itinerary to plan an amazing excursion to one of Spain’s most historic cities. And if you have more time, you can stay overnight to enjoy what this lovely city has to offer.

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Cordoba Day Trip From Seville

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