Abraham Lake Alberta Ice Bubbles

12 Important Tips for Abraham Lake Alberta Ice Bubbles

When my son showed me photos of Abraham Lake bubbles trapped in turquoise ice, I was ready to hop on a plane to Alberta, Canada in winter.

I had never seen anything like the Abraham Lake ice bubbles and it was just one of those things I NEEDED to see in person!

The idea of going to Abraham Lake in Alberta Canada at the coldest time of year wasn’t very appealing to this California girl who can’t drive in weather other than perfect.

But, the only time you can see the Abraham Lake frozen bubbles is in winter, so we boarded a plane and took our chances. It’s definitely a bucket list adventure that is so unique!

Why Do Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Exist?

The incredible looking ice is a polished window to view the trapped frozen methane bubbles below.

Decaying plants on the floor of Lake Abraham, release methane gas that is normally invisible. In winter, the bubbles get trapped as the ice freezes.

The result is absolutely beautiful and almost hard to believe when you are walking on frozen Lake Abraham, Canada’s incredible wonder.

Abraham Lake Alberta Ice Bubbles

12 Tips For Visiting Abraham Lake Frozen Bubbles

There are some unique attributes about Abraham Lake Alberta in Winter. It’s one of those places where you need to know the scoop ahead of time to find the frozen ice bubbles.

1. Check ahead to see if snow has accumulated on the ice

The best time of year to see the bubbles is late December to February. The lake needs to be frozen without snow collecting on top of it or you won’t be able to see it.

My hot tip is to use Instagram to check the current conditions. Look up #abrahamlake, click recent and look for photos were taken the same day. Ask about the conditions in the comments. Most people will respond.

We almost didn’t get to go because the ice was covered in snow for our whole trip to Banff.

On our last night, I sent a message to a stranger who had just posted a photo on Instagram that was able to confirm the wind had carried away the snow.

We woke up at 4 a.m., headed there for sunrise and voila – best bucket list moment ever!

2. The Best Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Viewpoints are Preachers Point and Windy Point

Preacher’s Point is the closest spot to Icefields Parkway and the first photography location you’ll get to on David Thompsons Highway (AB 11).

Windy Point is 23 km towards Nordegg and has a terrific view of Mt. Mitchner. At both of these locations, you have a great chance of seeing the bubbles.

3. Other Good Places for Lake Abraham Ice Bubbles Photos

The photo spots mentioned above are the best but if you plan to make a day of it, here are some more options.

  • Cline’s Landing
  • Belly of Abraham Shoreline
  • The area between Hoodoo Creek and David Thompsons Resort
Abraham Lake Sunrise

4. If You Go for Lake Abraham Sunrise, Arrive 30 Minutes Ahead of Time

Photographers come from all over the world to Alberta to take sunrise and sunset photos at Abraham Lake. If you want to do the same, make sure you get there at least 30 minutes before sunrise happens.

You need time to walk out on the ice and set up. Sunrise and sunset are the beautiful times here for landscape photography but it’ll mean driving in the dark. If it’s too much for you, you can still take great photos during the day.

5. Take Safe Driving Precautions Seriously – This is Canada in Winter

Check road conditions before you head out. Make sure your car has AWD and winter tires. Visit with a full tank of gas. You can refuel in Nordegg.

You don’t want to get stuck in a Canadian winter. The roads to get to Abraham Lake are not big Alberta highways.

Set your GPS before you go. A lot of the area doesn’t get cell reception. You should be able to get cell service at the Windy Point parking lot.

6. Bring Some Photo Equipment to Improve Your Abraham Lake Bubbles Photos

Whether you are into landscape photography or not, you will want to take killer photos when you’re there.

  • A tripod is especially helpful if you are shivering and need something to steady your photos. Use a tripod that is heavy or has spikes, so it doesn’t blow away.
  • If you plan to video, bring a microphone to cut down on the wind noise. You can check out our Banff video here.

7. Make Sure The Ice is Solid Before You Walk Out

Safety at Abraham Lake is a real concern. You need to make sure the ice has frozen solid before you walk out on it. You are ideally looking for ice that’s 1 foot thick for safety and the best Abraham Lake bubbles pictures.

If you see moving water underneath, the conditions aren’t right. If you are going at the beginning of Winter or Spring, exercise extreme caution and watch out for snowy patches that could be hiding thin ice.

8. Bring Ice Cleats for Abraham Lake in Winter

Not only is the ice slippery, getting on it without ice cleats is very difficult. At the edges, the ice has ripples and is buckled.

It is also a downhill walk to get on the ice. Let’s just say it took me longer to get on the flat part of the ice than anything else.

It was one of those moments where you look like an idiot because you are stepping very carefully knowing that you are about to get seriously hurt but to everyone else you look like someone new to walking.


Sitting on frozen Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

9. Wear Clothing Rated for Extreme Cold – Abraham Lake Weather is Freezing!

The cold that you will probably experience out on the ice is real. I was wearing a California type of winter jacket – so stupid, I know!

I was also wearing jeans, no base layer, and Hunter rain boots (thankfully with a fleece liner inside). Basically I was the poster child for how not to dress.

You need a coat that’s rated to go below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Wear boots that are lined. Definitely bring really warm gloves.

If you plan to stay out on the ice at sunrise, sunset or astro photography, wear ski pants and a base layer.

If you’re just snapping some Instagram photos during the daytime, your pants are not as much of a concern.

10. Bring Hand Warmers to See Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

Even if you think you’ll be warm enough, bring hand warmers. They were the saving grace of the whole trip. I bought a Hand Warmer value pack and put them in my gloves and boots.

It’s such an inexpensive item that’s a lifesaver! You can also use hand warmers near your camera batteries so they function properly.

11. Take an Abraham Lake Winter Tour

We booked a photo tour with a guide. Unfortunately there was too much snow sitting on top of the ice so the tour was canceled.

Later, we found out that windy conditions had cleared the snow off the ice, so we decided to go on our own. In the end, it all worked out but if you want to take an Abraham Lake Tour, here are a few that would be good choices.

Icefields Parkway Tour from Banff – visit Lake Abraham with a guide and do a hike to the Peyto Lake viewpoint. They provide ice cleats and hiking poles. Showshoes or ice skates are available for rent.

Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour – if you really want to try something cool, take a 20 minute helicopter ride over the Canadian Rockies to see the birds-eye-view of Abraham Lake.

12. Stay Overnight Near Abraham Lake Alberta

The main reason you would opt to stay at Abraham Lake is that you want to do sunrise, sunset or astrophotography. You also might choose this option if you are worried about driving in the dark.

We stayed in Lake Louise and I would assume most people do the same. You can visit Abraham Lake as a day trip. The drive is 1.5 hours and the lodgings in Lake Louise are so much nicer. There’s also more to do around Lake Louise.

In case you are wondering, Lake Louise is about 30 minutes closer to Abraham Lake than Banff.

  • Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a huge resort with plenty of activities on site. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The staff was wonderful. The views are incredible.
  • Lake Louise Inn – A good lower price accommodation. One of our nights was already booked at the Fairmont so we stayed here and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s very clean and the restaurant is great. Book their newly remodeled rooms. The older rooms have bad reviews online.
  • Okt Häus – A 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom guest vacation rental with beautiful Scandinavian design.
  • H1 Rampart Creek Hostel – Very basic hostel lodging with bunk beds that people say is very clean.
  • H1 Nordegg – Another hostel
Frozen Methane Gas bubbles

What to Pack for Abraham Lake in Winter

You will need some gear for this visit. It is very slippery and can be extremely cold. Whatever it says the temperature is for Lake Abraham, knock off at least 10 degrees for wind chill.

The windy conditions can also blow your camera around. When you take photos, you will probably need to take your gloves on and off, leaving your hands almost frozen.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the proper gear and we were too cold to spend more than an hour at Abraham Lake. My teenage son was literally shaking, which is not unusual for the Abraham Lake winter weather.

I’m not trying to scare you but trying to prepare you. Bring the right gear to view Lake Abraham ice bubbles. If the cold is too much, go in the middle of the day.

Ice Cleats

There are a variety of quality levels but these are good quality at a decent price on Amazon. You need ice cleats or you will slip. It’s also very hard to get onto the lake without them because the edges are frozen ripples and hard to navigate.

Microspikes Traction Ice Cleats Snow Grips

High Quality winter gloves

If you have ski or snowboard gloves, they should be fine. Driving gloves or mittens won’t cut it.

Waterproof Insulated Glove

Hand Warmers – I used these in my gloves and shoes. They’re inexpensive and a total lifesaver in cold weather.

Hand Warmer Value Pack

Fleece Lined Beanie

At the very least, bring a fleeced lined beanie so that you are warmer than wearing just a typical knit hat. The extra layer will block more of the wind.

Fleece Lined Beanie

Trapper Hat with Mask and Ear Flaps

A better option is a trapper hat with a face mask and flaps to cover your ears. The faux fur lining will keep you really warm.

Winter Trapper Hat

Face Mask

The other option is to wear a face mask. This one is very popular and inexpensive. It can’t hurt to throw it in your suitcase, just in case, and you’ll be glad you have it.

Winter Face Mask for Men & Women

High Quality Parka for Women

This is my dream parka with a price to match. Here is a much more affordable, yet excellent choice.

Women's Parka

Men’s Parka for Extreme Cold

My son wore this parka through 4 Wisconsin winters and loved it. In addition to being really warm, it’s waterproof and the perfect length.

Mens Extreme Wearther Parka

How to Get to Abraham Lake Alberta

Abraham Lake is located on the North Saskatchewan River in the Canadian Rockies in Clearwater County, Alberta. It’s a remote area that is located approximately 2 hours from Banff, just outside the Banff National Park boundary.

It was our #1 of Top Things to Do in Banff in Winter. You can just do the visit on a day trip.

Abraham Lake Directions From Banff or Lake Louise

  • Take the AB 93 exit toward Jasper/Rocky Mountain House for 76 km. Turn right onto AB 11 East for 32 km.
  • Make a right into Preachers Point. It’s hard to see so drive slowly and look for other cars.
  • The turn off is just past where everyone parks. Set Google Maps to Preachers Point for guided navigation.

Abraham Lake Bubbles in Winter Are Awesome!

Visiting the Abraham Lake bubbles is something we will never forget. It’s such a bucket list experience and even though it was so cold, it was the coolest adventure.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments. Most people go to Banff in summer with a zillion tourists and don’t realize how fun it is to visit Abraham Lake and Banff in winter.

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