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Tracy Allen from Tracy Allen Fine Jewelers

What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Tracy Allen gets to spend her whole day surrounded by beautiful, sparkly things and make other women light up with a smile. Tracy Allen Fine Jewelry is located in Beverly Hills. She sees clients by appointment for engagement rings to every day incredible pieces to statement jewelry that you would wear for formal occasions. I went in to play dress-up and find out a little more about this amazing woman. I’m so pleased to introduce you to Tracy Allen, one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet inside and out.

Give us a quick snapshot of Tracy Allen.

Mom, wife, jeweler, committed volunteer to my positions at Vista Del Mar and Glamour Project.

What twists and turns got you where you are today?

I always had a passion for jewelry from a young age. I decided to study at GIA to become a Gemologist, then worked at Sotheby’s before starting my own business.

At the age of 23 and prior to my jewelry career I was a volunteer at the Downtown Women’s Center. I held that volunteer position for 30 years I had been thinking that one day I might have to give it up, however, as it happened the jewelry district was just a few blocks away and I was able to manage both successfully.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Continue to live my dream, see my son grow up, manage my career and continue with my volunteer passions.

What are your three favorite qualities in other people?

Integrity, generosity and an altruistic nature. Being kind to all is my #1 principle.

What’s your awesome beauty secret / tip?

Eat 3 healthy meals a day, drink lots of water, hydrate your skin and neck, and get a reasonable amount of exercise. Beauty also applies to your jewelry. I tell my clients 99% of keeping their jewelry looking like new with sparkle is to keep it clean. Diamonds and gem stones attract grease and oil which give it a dull look. I recommend cleaning 3 times a week. If you don’t have a professional jewelry cleaner solution, my fast tip is Windex with a soft toothbrush, then rinse with water.

Mighty warrior or couch potato, where do you stand on fitness?

Mighty warrior. I am always in motion. I regularly go to the gym and I walk my doggie several times every day. The couch is only for parties or at the very end of the day!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

My volunteer activities and that I’m an excellent cook.

How did you evolve into your current career path? What was the impetus that led you to start Tracy Allen Fine Jewelry?

By following my dream and working hard. No matter the challenge is, I never get discouraged. I keep moving forward.

What are the latest trends in jewelry?

Stacking everything is the latest trend right now. You can stack rings, bracelets, multiple earings up the ear, and layer necklaces. The cool look is, “More is better!” Matching is unimportant. Color and type of gold can be freely mixed all together. Yellow-gold, rose-gold, and white gold with all color stones look great together. Have fun and be adventurous.

Do your clients come to you to buy new pieces or do you also help them redesign their jewelry like an engagement ring into a new setting? What services do you offer?

I do it all. Lots of repairs. I love fixing something that is tired and broken, making it look new again. I love taking a grandmother’s retired broach and designing it into a fabulous wearable ring. When someone comes to see me, above all I love for them to be comfortable, to enjoy looking at all the sparkle and before they leave, I hope to add something beautiful to their life!

Stack and stack. The more the better!
10 Carat Engagement Ring for a very lucky girl!

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