Spring Organizing

Refresh Your Home with Spring Organizing

Spring Cleaning is synonymous with deep cleaning. Since I do deep cleaning in my house as needed, Spring Organizing is more my thing. This is a time of year to renew and refresh. It is a time to take stock of things and feel like a breath of fresh air has moved through your house. Spring organizing over the course of a few weeks so it’s not overwhelming.

Top 5 Areas for Spring Organizing

Closet Organizing

This is the most organized area of my house. I love having a really organized closet.

  • Go through winter clothes and pull out anything you didn’t wear to donate or sell.
  • Review Spring/Summer clothes. Get rid of anything out of style.
  • Dust off shoulders of jackets, shoe shelves, etc…
  • For a pretty closet organize everything by color and item type.
  • Linen closet – wash all linens and refold. Get rid of any linens you don’t need.
  • Front hall closet/mud room – pull everything out, put things away that don’t belong there and clean.

Tips to Organize Your Drawers

  • Clothing drawers – Take everything out and refold. Wash as necessary. Get rid of things that you don’t want.
  • Kids drawers – take out anything that doesn’t fit. If you do hand me downs from one kid to the next that don’t immediately get used, put those in a bin in the garage.
  • Junk drawer(s) – take everything out and put it where it belongs.

Organizing the Kitchen

  • Food – throw out expired food in the refrigerator and pantry. Throw out or donate things that no one is going to eat. Clean the shelves and put everything back neatly.
  • Kitchen tools – do you have any appliances you never use – hello bread maker! Get rid of it. For everything you want to keep, get things put back where they should go.
  • It’s always good to refresh some items that get worn like kitchen mitts, dish towels, sharpen knives, new spatulas, non-stick pans that are getting worn out, etc…
  • Review what you have on the counter. Do you need it there or could it be put away?

Office Organizing is Challenging But Worth it!

  • If you don’t have enough room in your filing drawers, pull out anything in your file drawers that is more than a year old and put it into long term storage. I have 3 small filing bins that hold the requisite 7 years of tax returns/papers.
  • File all the papers that have been sitting around. Throw out or shred any junk mail or expired things.
  • Throw out old pens, organize drawers with tape, staples, paper clips, etc… and dust.

Garage Organizing

We did a total overhaul on our garage a few years ago so we could turn it into a man cave. Let’s just say that we had a lot of junk that had piled up over the years and no matter how many times we cleaned it, it just turned into a mess again. To make the man cave, we had to get our act together.

This wasn’t our first time at this rodeo. When the kids were little, we did the same thing with our former house and had cabinets built in to hold everything. This time, we decided to get the 12′ x 12′ cutest shed and it became the new storage garage. Here are the steps we took to make our garage mess into a organized dream.

  • First – get rid of anything you don’t need. While you can’t really have a garage sale or put it on Craigslist right now, you can put everything to the side or see if there’s a place that’s accepting donations.
  • Use a system. Mine is with clear plastic bins and metro shelves. You can see it in the photo for this post. I really like the clear bins because you can see what’s inside and I use these cute chalkboard labels too.
  • If you have cardboard boxes – you need to go through each one. Remove everything from the box, put important things in a labeled bin (i.e. Sports Equipment, Kids Clothes, Garden, Electrical Things, Halloween, etc…) and throw out or donate the rest.
  • Take anything that’s loose in the garage and put it in bins. Everything should have a home – no catch all boxes.
  • On the metro shelves, put the bins away in sections. I have all holiday stuff in one area, household things like paint and tools in another area and so on.
  • Sweep or vacuum and enjoy you newly organized garage!

Helpful Spring Organizing Items

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