Face Masks Equal Quick Results

I’m sure the people and animals in our life wonder what the heck we’re doing when we use face masks. But that ridiculous look yields great results. Applying a mask has many benefits and should be tailored to your skin for maximum results. Facial masks can draw out impurities, nourish the skin, detox and hydrate. This is an easy way to obtain instant results without making a trip for a facial. We decided to make a day of it with the girls and tried a variety of best selling masks at different price points from Sephora. The rest was all fun and everyone liked the results.


White Clay Mask by Sephora

This is used to replenish skin with mineral salts and smooth the skin. The active ingredient is white clay enriched with chamomile. Not only was this mask easy to apply but left the skin feeling smooth in 15 minutes as promised. We used sunscreen to protect and moisturize immediately afterwards. Great deal for $10.00 and up to 4 uses.

GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment Masque

GlamGlow offers several different face masks ranging from exfoliaters, deep cleansers, firming brightening and more. We chose the Super Mud Clearing treatment. A mud based, peel off mask to clear the complexion. This was a totally fun mask because it goes on white then turns into a beautiful chrome color! Simple to use with it’s own brush that you use to paint on your face and watch the color change. This is a mask to use deal with blemishes, pore size and oiliness. GlamGlo products are little more expensive – a mini jar runs around $24 but for the results (and cute packaging) it’s a good one to have in your repertoire, especially if your skin is prone to break outs.

Boscia Black Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal is a mineral that draws out bacteria, chemicals and dirt from the skin. The Boscia face mask peels off and at same time pulls away the impurities while shrinking your pores. This luminizing mask can be used for dull complexion and uneven texture. Your face with feel clean and radiant afterwards. Apply a little thick because it will peel off easier. Boscia face mask is $34 at Sephora with multiple uses it in.

DIY Coffee and Honey Face Mask

There are literally thousands of DIY homemade face masks on the internet and I’m sure many good ones. My personal favorite is coffee and honey. Coffee reduces inflammation and redness while waking up tired looking skin. Honey is hydrating and full of antioxidants. The two together always do the trick. I mix one teaspoon of ground coffee with enough honey to make a thick paste so it doesn’t drip when applied to the face. I massage into my face to exfoliate at the same time. If you currently use Retin-A, don’t try to exfoliate. The longer I leave it on, the better the results, so I shoot for at least 20 minutes. Rinsing this off is not easy (actually it’s messy) so I usually shower after. The results are great! The dark cirlces under my eyes and sun spots are a little lighter. My skin feels amazing and brighter.

Final Thought on Face Masks

For some a face mask feels like an indulgence but others may view it as another thing they just don’t have time to accomplish. The Evolista is all about women taking care of themselves and enjoying life. Whether you can do a mother daughter day or take a little time out for a bath and a face mask, one thing is for sure, it’s great for your skin. Pick a face mask that is well suited to your skin type and enjoy.

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