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Everything You Need to Know About Mink Lash Extensions

There are multiple reasons to get lash extensions – a vacation, special events, or just because you need a lash boost. Prior to getting mink lash extensions myself, my first reaction was “NO WAY!” It just sounded like a terrible idea. My friend’s daughter wanted to get them and I thought she was going to ruin her beautiful eye lashes. Boy was I wrong!! I want to tell you about my experience getting mink lashes because I think you’re going to love them as much as I do!

Mink Lashes

I honestly went to get the lash extensions without knowing anything. Thankfully I went to someone who was completely on top of safety and had quality products. Tanja, the owner of Lily Rose Lashes is a cancer survivor that started getting lashes after she lost hers from chemotherapy. She eventually started her business to help other women regain their self esteem the way that she had when she was able to restore her appearance, especially around her eyes.

I created this guide to lash extensions to answer all your questions and tell you about my experience. Let’s jump in.

When and Why You Would Want Lash Extensions

  • Vacation – Getting lash extensions for a trip is the best because you can wear less makeup overall once you have them. There’s something about being on vacation that makes me want to wear less makeup. You can go in the pool without worrying about make running.
  • Special Event – Have you ever gone to an event and had your makeup done that included false lashes? Often, events are at a certain time of year, whether it’s wedding season or the holidays. It’s nice to be able to get lashes that will last for a full month instead of 1 night.
  • Naturally light or sparse lashes – if you are someone who didn’t win the genetic lash lottery, you’ve probably been trying to figure out a solution to your problem for a long time already.
  • Looking good for your age – As you get older, lashes get thinner. It happens to everyone at various ages. Thicker, longer lashes make you look younger.
  • Health – As in Tanja’s case, chemotherapy left her needing a solution to wear eye makeup again. For cancer survivors, lash extensions are a godsend.

Eyelash Extensions vs Eyelash Serum

Before I jump into the pros and cons of mink lash extensions, I wanted to address eyelash serum vs eyelash extensions. Both options yield different results so you will definitely find Robin’s review helpful. For me, I’m not great with doing something over a period of time. Lash extensions are an immediate change and more up my alley.

How are Eyelash Extensions Applied?

Unlike the strip lashes you get at the makeup counter, lash extensions are applied one lash at a time. Using a special and safe adhesive, each lash is glued to one of your natural lashes. Since lashes go through a growth cycle of growing and falling out, the lash extensions need to be refilled approximately once a month. If you only want to get them for an occasion, they will last approximately 6-8 weeks (the full lash cycle).

Do Eyelash Extensions Look Natural?

You can choose the style with the length (6mm-17mm) and fullness you want by discussing it with your lash artist. Typically they can provide you with photos to choose from. You should also bring magazine photos the way you would to a haircut if there is a specific look you want. If you want them to look natural, choose a shorter length. If you want super thick and glam, you can have that too.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

Talk about the brand of lashes and the type of adhesive before your appointment. Tanja uses LashX Faux Mink lashes and LashX Adhesive, which is Paraben, Sulfate, Surfactant, Oil, Glycol, hydroquinone, and formaldehyde, cruelty and toxin free. It’s important to use safe products especially if you have sensitive eyes. You can have an allergic reaction to formaldehyde so make sure they aren’t using an adhesive that contains it.

Types of Lash Extensions Available and Which to Choose

  • Faux Mink Lashes – The lashes I had applied were LashX faux mink lash extensions. They look very lush and were light. They really blended seamlessly with my natural lashes. The faux mink lashes are animal friendly, the most natural looking and easiest to manage.
  • Real Mink Lashes – These are typically from the tail fur of a Siberian Mink. If you have animal allergies or want vegan lashes, these are not for you. Real mink lashes are expensive and require more upkeep.
  • Silk Lashes – they are not made of 100% silk and they are heavier. You would only choose these for a dramatic look.
  • Synthetic Lashes – these are the heaviest and least natural looking.

Pros and Cons of Lash Extensions

Pros of Mink Lash Extensions

  • You can wear less makeup. Yay! I wake up looking so much better than I did without them and I’m finding I only put on makeup for going out at night. Also, no need for mascara other than your bottom lash.
  • They last for 4 weeks and really make you look great.
  • They are SO much more comfortable than false eye lashes. Every time I’ve gotten false eye lashes professionally applied, I feel like they disrupt my vision and are truly uncomfortable.
  • You will feel more glam every day and it will actually be true.
  • They make you look younger like you did when you had a full set of long, thick lashes.

Cons of Mink Lash Extensions

  • If you get hooked (easy to do because you will look amazing), you are adding an extra monthly beauty expense. You don’t have to keep getting them all the time but you might want to.
  • You have to be careful with them. No sleeping on your stomach. No rubbing your eyes when you get tired. This is not much of a con because you shouldn’t do those things anyway.
  • The appointment takes awhile. I’m not good with long beauty procedures. You can just lay back and fall asleep but you’ll be there for 2 hours.

Misconceptions About Lash Extensions

  • They make your eye lashes fall outFALSE. Your lashes will not fall out any faster than usual.
  • You can’t swim or take regular showersFALSE. You can do everything you normally would as long as you keep them dry for the first 24 hours.
  • They feel uncomfortableMOSTLY FALSE. You probably won’t even feel them. They are as light as your natural lash. If you get really long lashes, you may be more aware of them than lashes that are shorter.
  • They look fakeIT DEPENDS If you want them to look natural, they can look completely like your own lashes. If you want them to be super glam, they will look like false eyelashes. You choose.
  • They’re just for young people FALSE There are so many more reasons why you would want lash extensions as you get older. We all lose lash volume as we get older. They are also great if you are blond, grey or have really light lashes.

I had my lashes done by Lily Rose Lashes in Los Angeles. She offers a discount to first time customers if you mention The Evolista. She normally charges $200 for a full set. Fills for $50-$90 every 3-4 weeks. If you don’t live in Los Angeles, find a reputable place to do your extensions by asking friends and checking reviews carefully. If the price is too low, be suspicious. You can also check out their lash extension before & after pictures. You don’t want someone who learned to do them on You Tube or low quality product getting near your eyes.

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