6 Hair Tips for Women Over 40

6 Hair Tips for Women Over 40

As we get older, our luscious locks become drier and more prone to damage. Add hair color, curling irons and blow drying, and your hair can be a hot mess. So what can you do to minimize the damage? Here are 6 quick hair tips to get your hair looking great.

1. Use a gentle shampoo

Regular shampoo can be very drying. If you use hair color or do keratin straightening, you are probably using a sulfate free shampoo already. My favorite is Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo. It lathers really easily with a really small amount, which means a bottle lasts so long. You can buy it in a perfect 3.3 oz travel size or a larger 8.5 oz size. It’s actually a great price for how long the product lasts.

2. Deep Condition

The key to great hair as you get older is keeping it well conditioned. I use Biologe conditioner as my every time I shampoo conditioner. I have tried more products than I care to admit and this leaves my hair the softest. Klorane is another conditioner that I am planning to try when I run out that a friend raves about and says it makes her hair so soft.

I also use Olaplex Hair Perfector leave-in treatment once a month. Some people use it weekly. The Olaplex is not a traditional conditioner or hair mask. The treatment is proven to repair damage to the hair shaft on a molecular level. There are other deep conditioning treatments but this one is pretty tried and true.

3. Leave-in conditioner

I’m a big fan of Moroccan Oil Leave-in treatment. I put it on the end of my wet hair and it helps me have less tangles and rough edges. a dime size is all you need and it’s a perfect product to carry when you travel. You can buy a bottle that’s 0.85 oz that will last you for a month. If you prefer a bigger size, they have it but a little goes a really long way.

4. Add Shine

Dull hair makes you look older. You might not even realize you have dull hair until you try Olaplex Bonding Oil. My sister-in-law gave me this little 1 oz bottle in my stocking. It took me a month to try it and I was so blown away. It makes your hair look night and day better. You’ll get that youthful shine without weighing your hair down.

I’m sure you think I sound like an ad for Olaplex but each one of these products has crept into my hair routine through recommendations from completely different people and Olaplex makes great products.

5. Limit Heat

We all know that a lot of blow drying and curling iron use is tough on our hair. I typically let my hair air dry half way then I use the dryer on medium instead of high heat. You can also air dry all the way and still add style with a sock bun over night or putting in French braids for a few hours before your hair is almost dry.

6. Use a silk pillow case

Hairstylists swear by silk pillow cases. It minimizes damage while you are sleeping and can extend a blow out if you got one. You can buy fancy ones at Sephora and Nordstrom or get less expensive options on Amazon. They all work just as well.

7. Take Biotin

These vitamins will definitely make a difference on your hair and nails. You can buy this everywhere.

We would love to hear your hair tips. Please share in the comments below if there are specific products you are loving or anything that is working for you.

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